SCFLSussex County Football League (UK)
SCFLSouth Central Federation of Labor (Madison, WI)
SCFLSource-Coupled FET (Field-Effect Transistor) Logic
SCFLSouth Carolina Family Law (database classification)
SCFLSuitable Commercial Forest Land
SCFLSecond Chance for Life (heart and heart/lung transplant support group)
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We proposed a cross-media feature learning method, marked as SCFL algorithm which adapts the [L.sub.2,q] norm instead of Frobenius norm in the objective function.
In the SCFL algorithm, the termination condition is set as: the ratio change between two iterations is less than 1.5% or the maximum iteration number is 3.
We conduct experiments on the XMedia dataset, which is a widely used dataset to verify the effectiveness of our SCFL algorithm.
In order to evaluate the proposed SCFL method, we compare our method with four start-of-art methods, which are summarized as:
In order to evaluate our proposed SCFL method, two retrieval tasks (cross-media retrieval and signal-media retrieval) are considered.
We compare the proposed SCFL algorithm with state-of-the-art algorithms.
In its press release announcing the one-year extension, the government wrote "while the Saskatchewan government has been providing annual assistance to the SCFL to help it plan for an open market, and will continue to support the fishers' federation with further one-time operating assistance in 2011/12, it will not invest directly in new fish processing facilities in Saskatchewan." That lack of investment from the provincial government upsets a lot of fishers.
"There is no future or there's no job and there's no income other than welfare if this industry doesn't go ahead for many people," said SCFL board member Gord Stomp, who is also mayor of Air Ronge.