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SCFMStandard Cubic Feet Per Minute
SCFMSouth Carolina Federation of Museums (est. 1971)
SCFMCubic Feet per Minute at standard conditions
SCFMSub-Carrier Frequency Modulation
SCFMSquare Cubic Feet Per Minute
SCFMSymbol-Wise Constant Fading Model
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Under those conditions the flow rate sum indicated by the balometer for System Section#1 was 261 L/s(554 SCFM), whereas the calibrated flow nozzle yielded a flow rate of 255 L/s (540 SCFM).
* Limited fault-tolerance in the presence of faults: The VCal method for an MSAT sensor functions well only under conditions in which the RTU performance is not degraded much (e.g., mainly, supply airflow rate should not be lower than 80% of nominal SCFM level).
By Jim Rauh, Polymer Products Manager, Compressor Engineering Corporation, Houston, TX Installing CECO Low Emissions Packing (LEP)--Project Look Back Before After Leak Rate (scfm) 33.5 2.3 Leak Rate 17.6 1.2 (MMscf/yr) C02e Emissions (tons/yr) 6230 428 * Installed 24 sets of CECO LEP in 2008-2009 as a pilot test * Achieved an average venting reduction of > 90% --As found vs.
(3.3 m) wheel at a balanced 15,000 scfm (7080 L/s) flow integrated with a 4,500 scfm (2125 L/s) pressurization unit (see Figure 4 for an illustration).
Overall regulatory authority is vested in the State Committee for Financial Monitoring (SCFM), in accordance with Article 4 of the AML law.
With a width of 63 mm, an AS3 regulator is said to provide a substantially higher flow rate of maximum 184 SCFM as compared to a 52-millimeter AS2 regulator with maximum 95 SCFM.
Each pump was delivering 3 SCFM of compressed air into the water.
Engineered to provide a narrowly focused air patter that measures only 1.25" in diameter when positioned 6" away from the targeted surface, high-amplification or entrained airflow and a strong blowing force of 12 ounces are achieved with minimal air consumption of 13 SCFM at 80 PSIG.
The Nitrosource nitrogen generators offer flow rates from 20 scfm up to 120 scfm with nitrogen gas purities from 95% to 99.5%.
The compact, efficient units are offered in 5 sizes to achieve 4 to 20 scfm vacuum flow with only 1 to 7 scfm air consumption.
Improved Air Compressor Operating Profile Before Improvement--Air Demand of 12,000-15,000 scfm 3,000-hp centrifugal compressor 90% loaded 1,500-hp centrifugal compressor 88% loaded 800-hp reciprocating compressor 65% loaded 800-hp reciprocating compressor standby, up to 50% loaded After Improvement-Air Demand 20,000 scfm (adequately served with 3,000-3,800 hp) 3,000-hp centrifugal compressor 100% loaded 1,500-hp centrifugal compressor off 800-hp reciprocating compressor off 800-hp reciprocating compressor standby, up to 50% loaded