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SCFMStandard Cubic Feet Per Minute
SCFMSouth Carolina Federation of Museums (est. 1971)
SCFMCubic Feet per Minute at standard conditions
SCFMSub-Carrier Frequency Modulation
SCFMSquare Cubic Feet Per Minute
SCFMSymbol-Wise Constant Fading Model
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mainly, supply airflow rate should not be lower than 80% of nominal SCFM level).
The SCFM is Ukraine's financial intelligence unit (FIU).
The Balston Membrane Air Dryer will dry compressed air to dewpoints as low as 35[degrees]F at flow rates of up to 600 SCFM.
The device only uses 15 SCFM of compressed air, half the demand of ordinary cabinet coolers.
and vacuum flow rates from 3 SCFM to over 375 SCFM.
Infinitely adjustable air flows from 15 to 95 SCFM.
5-, 3- or 5-HP motor to pull a 24-in-Hg vacuum with 24, 50 or 75 SCFM, respectively.
5-, 3- and 5-HP motors, the stations can pull a 24-in-Hg vacuum with 24, 50 or 75 SCFM, respectively.
8 SCFM at 80 PSIG with a noise level of 77 dBA, and force of 22 oz.
5 to 50 SCFM, and delivers a linear output signal proportional to total gas mass flow rate.
Vacuum flow rates range from 0 to 375 SCFM and are controlled by regulating the input pressure, while material flow capacity is determined by the inside diameter of the pumps (16 models ranging from 1/8" to 4" ID with vacuum levels from 0 to 10" Hg).
The valve controls flows from 0 to 1 SCFM at 50 psig.