SCFNSpace Coast Feline Network (Florida)
SCFNSingle and Custodial Fathers Network
SCFNSell Cash Flow Notes (money lending)
SCFNSickle Cell Foundation Nigeria (est. 1984)
SCFNSensitive Country Foreign National
SCFNSave the Children Fund Norway
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Skin and subcutaneous infection generally manifests in warmth, swelling, and pain of the lesion, whereas SCFN remains normothermic to palpation.
The clinical appearance of cold panniculitis may overlap with early stage SCFN.
Sclerema neonatorum manifests as diffuse hardening of the skin--sparing soles, palms, and genitalia--which firmly attaches to the underneath muscle and bone, leading to impaired feeding and breathing; whereas SCFN presents as circumscribed hardening of the skin, which moves freely over the underneath muscle and bone.
Histopathologically, poststeroid panniculitis can mimic SCFN by displaying a mixed inflammation of less intensity, as well as needle-shaped clefts in adipocytes and histiocytes.
The pathogenesis of SCFN and hypercalcemia is unclear.
The most popular hypothesis of hypercalcemia in SCFN is the extrarenal production of 1, 25-[(OH).
SCFN is generally self-limiting with an excellent prognosis.