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SCGState Commission on Gambling (various locations)
SCGSydney Cricket Ground
SCGSrbija I Crna Gora (Servian: Serbia and Montenegro)
SCGSerbia and Montenegro
SCGSymposium on Computational Geometry
SCGsuperior cervical ganglion
SCGSport Computer Graphics (Netherlands)
SCGSecurity Classification Guide
SCGSaban Capital Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA; est. 2001)
SCGSlow Crack Growth
SCGSurvey and Certification Group (Medicare)
SCGStrategic Coordinating Group (UK)
SCGService Control Gateway (telecommunications)
SCGSmall Community Grant (various locations)
SCGSave Concorde Group (UK)
SCGSouth Coast Gas (est. 1945; Raceland, LA)
SCGState Class Graph (engineering)
SCGSurf City Garage (Huntington Beach, CA)
SCGStarcraft Ghost (game)
SCGScots Gaelic (linguistics)
SCGSummit Consulting Group (various locations)
SCGService Canadien des Glaces (Canadian Ice Service)
SCGStandard Classification of Goods (Canadian codes for commerce)
SCGScreen Cartoonists Guild
SCGScience Coordination Group
SCGSuper Continuum Generation (optical fiber)
SCGSynchronous Clock Generator
SCGScience Coordinating Group
SCGSwitching Controller Group
SCGSociety of the Classic Guitar
SCGSchweizerischer Chiropraktoren-Gesellschaft (German: Swiss Chiropractors' Society; Switzerland)
SCGSyndication Cuts Guide (The Simpson's cartoon)
SCGStandards Coordination Group
SCGSolar Concentrator Group
SCGSwitch Control Group
SCGSociety of Craniofacial Genetics (since 1975)
SCGState Cemetery Grant (US VA)
SCGStatic Cost Greedy Algorithm
SCGSchützen Corps Gesellschaft (German shooting club)
SCGSelective Coronarography
SCGSaudi Coast Guard
SCGSub-Channel Grouping
SCGSystem Clock Generation (Nortel)
SCGStandard Chatered Grindlays
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He said he had met with fans' groups and the former chair of the SCG, Jonathan Strange, as the club worked towards a solution.
It says its partnership with SCG Chemicals opens another route to take its catalyst system developments into mainstream use, with a focus on high molecular weight C02-based polymers as a new family of thermoplastics.
With offices in Los Angeles and Singapore, SCG actively manages a globally diversified portfolio of investments across public equities, credit, alternative investments, and real property assets.
Kelley Rogers, president of SCG, told the Baltimore Sun that the FBI agents had arrived at the group's office with a court warrant to search and seize.
The State of the Open Office Research Study contains insights from a total of 482 individuals, 49 of whom SCG interviewed in person at NeoCon in June of 2015, and 433 who submitted data electronically at stegmeierconsulting.
For the program itself, we have four areas we have located because [these areas] are where SCG operates,' Jarillas said.
At SCG Retail he helps landlords on several significant developments in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
Lysando is delighted to welcome SCG among its shareholders and believes that this investment will accelerate its activities related to licensing antibiotics substitutes, said Lysando co-founder and CEO Markus Matuschka v.
In the Philippines, it will be investing on its local trading arm SCG Trading Philippines to develop new products such as cleaning chemicals, oil and gas pipes, biomass, and agricultural machineries.
However, the letter said that the SCG regularly reviews its dress regulations and is always open to consider members' suggestions for proposed changes.
Mae'r SCG, sy'n derbyn cyllid craidd gan Lywodraeth Cymru fel rhan o'i strategaeth ar gyfer y diwydiannau creadigol yng Nghymru, yn cynrychioli holl adrannau diwydiant cerddoriaeth Cymru ac yn gweinyddu mwy na 2000 o fentrau mewn 65 categori.
SCG Jewellers was formed in 2005 with the main objective of catering to the Middle East and Africa markets.