SCGISimple Common Gateway Interface (protocol)
SCGIStern Campus Greening Initiative (New York University)
SCGIStinglhammer Consulting Group International (est. 1986; Bad Griesbach, Germany)
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The quality of this film along with the fine production team provides great financial potential," explained Michael Clarner, Executive Vice President of SCGI.
Competing against other top business schools, SCGI presented the year's results to a group of environmental industry judges.
We are proud of the SCGI for their win and look forward to working with them to achieve the ambitious goals they have set for the next year.
More recent projects include the launch of the SCGI website, the inclusion of a "Green Tip of the Week" on student and administrator intranets, a student printing quota, motion sensor lighting in study rooms and a more aggressive recycling program, all with the initiative's "identity" to raise awareness on campus.
The CSSI and SCGI acquisition by SBA not only positions us to better support our traditional site development clientele, but also enhances our Build-to-Suit capabilities.
The Secure AppEngine's SCGI library handles all details associated with the WebCrusader protocol and gives developers the familiar CGI/HTML protocols to free them to focus on writing application logic.
Starstream is a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ under the symbol SCGI.