SCGMSchoolwide Cluster Grouping Model
SCGMSearch for Common Ground-Morocco
SCGMStem Cell Growth Medium
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Schools implementing the SCGM have reported a number of benefits based on the ways that the model is implemented and supported.
An example of how the SCGM can benefit the school is seen in the story of Erica and her teacher, Mr.
The SCGM enfranchises these students and encourages teachers to teach to all students' strengths and potential.
In the SCGM, these conditions help gifted students engage in meaningful and productive learning experiences.
Schools with one section per grade level can implement critical elements of the SCGM, such as learning about the needs of gifted students, using differentiated instructional strategies, and flexibly grouping students for instructional purposes.
Table 5 demonstrates how a small school with one and a half sections of both second grade and third grade provides services for their gifted students in the SCGM.
Middle schools can incorporate the SCGM in several ways (Table 7).
When the SCGM is implemented throughout the district, schools benefit from general training that includes all cluster teachers and principals in the district.
Effective strategies and instructional methods used in the SCGM are not specific to gifted education.