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Schaef and Fassel define addiction as a substance or process that takes over the addict's life, functioning as a buffer between the addict and reality.
Asi, tenemos investigaciones acerca de las condiciones de la vida de algunos lugares, de la vulnerabilidad de las poblaciones y de la livelihood en aereas remotas de Nepal, Bolivia, Etiopia, Venezuela y otros (Bohle 2007, Schaef y Brunner 2007, Muller-Mahn y Rettberg 2007, Dickau 2007).
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Relying on the work of psychotherapist Anne Wilson Schaef, in conjunction with numerous interviews Ms.
Personal development has been defined as an individual's ability to develop increased understanding of self and to translate this understanding into effective counseling and social interactions (Carkhuff & Berenson, 1967; Schaef, 1999).
120 (Stanton Peele ed., 1988); Anne Wilson Schaef, WHEN SOCIETY BECOMES AN ADDICT 19 (1987); Jim Orford, EXCESSIVE APPETITES: A PSYCHOLOGICAL VIEW OF ADDICTIONS 207 (1985).
Dr Anne Wilson Schaef, a US author on addiction, told the conference yesterday: "Ireland is becoming more and more dysfunctional.
Schaef and Fassel (1992) described a school district as a mega system, a school as a system, and classrooms as subsystems.
Other keynote speakers scheduled to take part include Cecelia Firethunder, who will speak about precious life, Sylvia Maracle who will speak about the clan systems, and Anne Wilson Schaef, author of Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, and Meditations for People Who (May) Worry Too Much.
These fields heavily affect the direction that entire organizations can take as they pursue their programs (Schaef 1990).
Featuring Tom Hayden, Susan Griffin, Sam Keen, Anne Wilson Schaef, Arun Gandhi, Jean Houston, Vesna Terselic, Sulak Sivaraksa, Jodie Evans and others.