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Falusi, a professor of haematology, stated that SCHAF had embarked on a year treatment of these patients with severe leg ulcers as part of its celebration of the festive period.
(8.) Kaplan HS, Battles JB, Van der Schaf TW, Shea CE, Mercer SQ.
April 13: Girl's Night Out at Das Weisse Schaf at 19:00
Upon closer inspection it appears that his only real counter-example from the B dialect of Beuren is the word for Schaf 1 'sheep', which suggests that the glottalization was preserved after the low vowel *a here.
There is a very tentative possibility for comparison with OHG scaf, Grm Schaf, OEng sceap, Eng sheep, all: 'sheep' under an older hypothesis derived from IE *sqeb- (Gottlieb 1931: 19), i.e., < IE *skeb(h)-, also *skab(h)-, *skob(h)- and *ske p-, *sko p-, *ska p-(IEW 930-3) 'base of words with various technical meanings such as 'to cut', 'to scrape', 'to hack' > 'creature' (Wat 77) : Goth gaskapjan 'to create', OHG scaffon 'form, cause', OEng gesceap 'form, creation', sceppan 'to form', OEng sceafan 'to scrape, pare away', Eng shave, Grmc *skopo 'thing cut out', 'container', Gk skaphe 'boat' ('thing cut out'), Lat capo 'castrated cock', scabo 'to cut', scapula 'shoulder blade', capulare 'to cut', OSl kopati 'dig', skobli 'scraping knife' etc.
Schaf on Protestantism," New-York Evangelist 16 (11 September 1845): 146.
Groppel, B., (1988) Jodversorgun und Jod status des wiederkaures (Rind, Schaf ,Ziege) hablitations schrift Universitat Leipzig
Book a table at the Guldenen Schaf Hotel and Restaurant on Hauptstrasse where owner Dr Kischka has built a mini-museum which encapsulates the city's rich past in one room.
GER: Ein Schaf [IND, SG] frisst alles, was ihm vors Maul kommt.