SCHAMSafety Case Handling and Assessment Manual (United Kingdom)
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An impressive new report from the US Institute of Peace, by Paul Scham and Osama Abu-Irshaid, suggests a more useful and nuanced approach.
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Since it is done offstage, the manner in which the murder is committed is not specified, but in the version of the story in the Rawlinson manuscript the daughter "brake be childys necke-bone," (19) while in the Middle English Gesta Romanorum she "wrothe in sondre the necke, and went, and beried it in the dunge-hille." (20) In the play the duke thanks his daughter for helping him in her "werkyngys pis [h]oure," since she has thus protected him "fro scham and dolowr" (140, 144).
One should read it in conjunction with another book that approaches the same topic, Shared Histories: A Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue, edited by Paul Scham, Walid Salem, and Benjamin Pogrund [2005].