SCHARPStatistical Center for HIV/AIDS Research and Prevention
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"Scharp is doing brilliant work engaging communities with this issue and working to identify and protect sites across Scotland, including a number here in Orkney.
Be holde how[??]e gates of p[alpha]radis be[??] iopenedwith o scharp swerde.
Readers, gift bearers, and greeters included Kathryn Frerman, Lauren Garth, Brandy Hyde, Meredith LaFontaine, Karl Nelson, Lindsay Penfield, and Ginger Scharp.
Longini, Jr., Program in Biostatistics and Biomathematics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA 98109-1024, USA; email: longini@
"When you add up all of the formats and translations that have sold year after year after year, there's not anything that would come close," says Brian Scharp, vice president of marketing for Zondervan's Bible division.
"Ther y founde in a dale With lyouns a man to-torn smale, & wolues him frete with teth so scharp; Bi him y fond this ich harp, Wele ten yere it is y-go." (537-41) Hearing that his king's body has been torn apart by lions and gnawed by wolves, a reworking of the classical legend where Orpheus is dismembered by the maenads of Bacchus, the steward laments that "him was so hard grace y-yarked, / & so vile deth y-marked!" (547-48).
These findings are either disbelieved or ignored, and consequently domestic violence policy consists of arresting male perpetrators and mandating them to psycho-educational batterer intervention program (BIP) groups, many of which have been shown to be only marginally effective (Babcock, Canady, Graham, & Scharp, 2006), while providing supportive services to their female victims, despite the reality that many of them are co-perpetrators in the relationship.
Per-Arne Sandstrom and Lena Torell have been elected to the Saab (Linkoping, Sweden) board of directors, joining Anders Scharp, Erik Belfrage, Stephen Henwood, Peter Nygards, George Rose, Ake Svensson, and Marcus Wallenberg.
Scharp, who is chief scientific officer of Novocell Inc., Irvine, Calif Several explanations for this have been proposed (Nature 407[6800]: 27-30, 2000):
Scharp, marketing manager for Dura-Tuff, "Multiflo pumps come straight to us from Australia and we serve as the manufacturer agent for them here in North America.