SCHDSummit County Health District (Ohio)
SCHDSouth Central Health District (various locations)
SCHDSussex County Health Department (various states)
SCHDStable Coronary Heart Disease (cardiology)
SCHDSaginaw County Health Department (Michigan)
SCHDSoft Hadamard Column Decoder
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SCHD VCP conducts an integrated control program that incorporates surveillance and multiple forms of control including, but not limited to, adult mosquito control, habitat reduction, community surveys, larval control, and sanitation enforcement.
The growing concern of Zika virus introduction into the community prompted SCHD VCP to begin preparation in early 2016.
Therefore, with no mosquitoes present to potentially induce local transmission, SCHD VCP did not perform a response.
The addresses were mapped by the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) and SCHD VCP on June 15, 2016, to identify the area of potential mosquito transmission.
The breakdown of the 353 properties on the SCHD VCP list was 36 single-resident properties, 85 condominiums, and 232 apartments.
Outbreak-control measures were instituted at the camp immediately after SCHD and NYSDOH were notified on July 26.
Seven pods were installed at active or historical air monitoring sites operated by SCHD.