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SCHIPState Children's Health Insurance Program
SCHIPStatistics for Chromosome Interphase Positioning
SCHIPStanding Committee on Hazard Information and Packaging (UK)
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DUTCH assistant boss John Van't Schip has assured Celtic fans Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink will soon be flying again.
The primary targets of SCHIP were children whose parents were temporarily unemployed, in transition between jobs, or employed in jobs that did not provide coverage, that is, families ineligible for Medicaid, but unable to afford private insurance.
* The original intent of SCHIP was to provide health insurance coverage assistance to low-income families that didn't qualify for Medicaid.
The SCHIP reauthorization bill, which was passed overwhelmingly by both houses of Congress last week, would roll back the new rules, but President George W.
1 WHEREAS: the bill to expand SCHIP will extend healthcare coverage to 10 million
The SCHIP expansion bill has strong bipartisan support because Democrats agreed to include key Republican priorities in the legislation.
Historically, substitution of public for private coverage has been far less of a concern within the Medicaid Program than within SCHIP. While SCHIP legislation mandates that States implement policies to discourage substitution at enrollment, no such mandate exists for Medicaid.
This report by the Center for American Progress presents a framework for promoting effective health coverage and achieving high quality in SCHIP and Medicaid through the following strategies: 1) ensuring access to care through eligibility, enrollment and retention policies; 2) providing a robust benefit package; 3) strengthening provider capacity; 4) measuring performance; 5) improving quality; 6) providing incentives for quality; and 7) promoting the use of health information technology.
Cover the Uninsured Week spotlighted the value and success of SCHIP in activities leading up to and during the Week.
SCHIP, a partnership between the federal government and the states, provides health insurance coverage for certain low-income children under age 19 who are not eligible for Medicaid.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation today released "The State of Kids' Coverage," a new study showing that the number of uninsured children in America has decreased by 2 million since the 1997 creation of SCHIP and recent expansions in Medicaid.