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Il a rappel que la Direction Gnrale de la Protection Civile a tir des leons suite la catastrophe et a procd , sur orientations du DGPC , le Colonel Mustapha El Habiri, au renforcement des capacits des units d'intervention travers la cration des quipes spcialises notamment le DRPI ( dtachement de Renfort PremiAaAaAeA re Intervention Cette derniAaAaAeA re a fait ses preuves sur le terrain mAaAaAeAnme l'tranger schma des grands risques a t galement mis en œuvre et le SIG ainsi que l'organisation des exercices de simulation et l'acquisition d'un matriel High Tech En dpit des efforts et du nouveau visage de la commune, les inondations de Bab El Oued restent comme un souvenir douloureux.
In 1992, William Schma, a Circuit Judge in Kalamazoo, Michigan
28, 31 (2006) available at mjust_cjmag_21_2_youcanteacholddefenders.authcheckdam.pdf (discussing the benefit of having a deferral period after sentencing in a court of general jurisdiction so the defendant may complete certain treatment, secure housing, or take other measures to show the court he or she is making efforts to reform); see also SCHMA, supra note 10, at 88 (explaining the effects of accepting a "nolo" plea in a criminal court versus applying therapeutic jurisprudence tactics and making the defendant admit and acknowledge his or her crime).
(18) The Honorable Peggy Fulton Hora, The Honorable William G Schma & John TA Rosenthal, "Therapeutic Jurisprudence and the Drug Treatment Court Movement: Revolutionizing the Criminal Justice System's Response to Drug Abuse" (1999) 74:2 Notre Dame L Rev 439 at 440-41.
The definition of knowledge as 'biological activity depending on the structure of the body' is also confirmed by the nature of the schmata aisqhsew~: in addition to the five senses (designated as such from the time of Aristotle onwards), the sixth schma is represented by the mouth, i.e.
1415, 1418, 1457-58 (1998) (noting that the legal system, by challenging denials in the adversary system, "can help to puncture false denials and reveal unpleasant truths"); Schma, supra note 87, at 5 (noting that once a defendant has admitted to his guilt at a plea hearing, the judge can use the details of that plea to confront the defendant more effectively at sentencing with the wrongfulness of the behavior).
445, 454-55 (2000); Gilbert et al., supra note 3, at 1175-77; William Schma, Judging for the New Millennium, 37 CT.
JUDGE SCHMA: If I could just respond on that question of expanding to other courts, it is certainly important for us all to remember that we all come from different environments.