SCHRDSociedad Chilena de Reproduccion y Desarrollo (Spanish)
SCHRDStudy Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (Fallujah, Iraq)
SCHRDSteering Committee on Human Resources Development (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
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Later, it also handled media analysis and monitored progress with SCHRD, the workbook, supplementary papers, the internet, telephone lines, policy seminars and policy colloquia.
For example, staff fielded complaints from groups that had received only a day's notice before SCHRD hearings or had been overlooked.
33) The unanticipated leak was difficult for the minister to handle: it undermined his credibility and fuelled angry protests at SCHRD hearings and MP town hall meetings.
They were also distributed to SCHRD hearings, the MP town halls, and to MPS for distribution to constituents.
The delay in releasing the background papers greatly frustrated SCHRD members, who viewed HRDC as unresponsive.
The SCHRD hearings attracted the most media attention, largely because they were targeted by groups protesting cuts to social programs.
However, the more elaborate plans were jettisoned when it was learned that the discussion paper would be released on 5 October, that SCHRD had to submit its report well before the next federal budget, and that the government wanted SCHRD to maximize the number of groups attending its hearings.
The SCHRD leased a plane to reduce costs and to maximize the time available to members, and used video-conferencing technology to reach smaller, more distant communities.
Centre staff provided media analysis for SCHRD and prepared "forecasts" of concerns of the groups they would meet the next day, sometimes suggesting questions to ask.
The SCHRD received extra resources to plan and conduct its consultations.
The SCHRD concluded its hearings in mid-January, and began drafting its final report.
When SCHRD prepared its itinerary and briefing book for its consultations, it included the MP town halls.