SCHRSSmall Catamaran Handicap Rating System (International Sailing Federation)
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As Jerome Bickenbach puts it, "whatever else it is, health is a state of a person's body, describable by the language of the biological sciences, broadly construed, and assessed against biostatistical norms of bodily functioning that, though fluid and changeable, are relatively stable over time and place." (20) Furthermore, the question here is not whether socially costly health conditions are disabilities according to the true definition of health, but rather whether socially costly health conditions, as defined by SCHRs, satisfy the above definition of disability.
(22) It is also not surprising that the health conditions often targeted by SCHRs are also disabilities, e.g., autism, Down syndrome, deafness, cerebral palsy, and paraplegia.
SCHRs therefore disadvantage prospective immigrants with socially costly health conditions, and most if not all of these health conditions constitute disabilities.
Critics of SCHRs might think it obvious that these policies are unjust insofar as they constitute a form of direct discrimination.
BWE SchRs 1320 (in accurate description SchRs 1320/4x30, where 4x30 is the depth and height reach of the bucket wheel boom) is operated at the opencast mine Doly Nastup Tusimice, Czech Republic.
BWE SchRs 1320 is conceived as an excavator with non-telescopic bucket wheel boom.
An overall view of the BWE SchRs 1320 is presented in Fig.
The drive power of BWE SchRs 1320 consists of two Siemens ARNR 630Y-6 motors.
The presented paper deals with the experimental measurement of the natural frequencies of the bucket wheel excavator SchRs 1320/4x30 and a comparison of experimental results with those obtained from the detailed numerical simulation using ANSYS (Element Reference ...
The bucket wheel excavator SchRs 1320/4x30 is an excavator with a non telescopic wheel boom.
The bucket wheel excavator SchRs 1320/4x30 was put in commission in 2006.