SCHVSmall Caliber, High Velocity (firearms)
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In the case of SCHv it is clear that MTTR < n (n = [THETA], where [theta] period) for r = 2-4, and [less than or equal to] n/2 for r = 5-8.
For the sake of clarity, we show in Figures 8 and 9 the RDV occurrence of [Map.sup.4Chs] in SCHv and a combination of maps with 3 and 4 channels.
For ACHv the situation is naturally different than that for SCHv (Table 1) due to different period sizes of the compared channel sets.
The reader should note that in comparison with the performance in SCHv, RDV occurrence only once in a period is insignificant, since multiple RDVs are the dominant case.
Hence, the algorithm from [31] has room for improvement, especially in the case whilenodes have thesamechannel view (SCHv), since TTR [approximately equal to] 2N is definitely not sufficient if nodes meet on one or two channels while having much more in a set.
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