SCI-ArcSouthern California Institute of Architecture (Los Angeles, CA)
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Although he taught also at Pratt Institute, Yale University and SCI-Arc, Abraham's formidable reputation as pedagogue and critic is bound up with his tenure at New York's Cooper Union, from 1971 to 2002.
Shielded by a giant tilting roof, this realm of simple cave-like rooms with terraces suggest that Abraham, as he himself stated at SCI-Arc, remained 'an incurable formalist'.
This book is a kind of tri-nodal production and oscillates around LA (SCI-Arc, UCLA), Berkeley, and Columbia, New York.
Yet for heavy business one switches into very different territories: Olympic Games conversations will increasingly take place against the backdrop of London's Canary Wharf and the summer lectures that had brought me over were at SCI-Arc, on the edge of downtown LA.
While at the SCI-Arc gallery you can also see Eisenman Architects' Grounded installation.
The results of an architectural competition initiated by Eric Owen Moss (Director of SCI-Arc, Los Angeles) and Peter Noever (Director MAK, Vienna) for the protection of the Schindler House, Los Angeles, an icon of revolutionary Modernist architecture.
Can we imagine an English or Scandanavian school following the example of SCI-Arc, with Ray Kappe, Michael Rotondi, Neil Denari and Eric Owen Moss as its train of Heads?
It was great to be in an architecture school, SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture, where Moss is head), that responds to the challenge with three (or was it four or five?) exhibitions on the go, serious Margherita-mixing, and an atmosphere that could even get me to confess publicly my teenage hobby of collecting medieval castles.
Known primarily for homes that take advantage of hillside sites and views, an architecture that distils construction--as in Kappe's own canonical residence of 1965-67--to vertical shafts and horizontal decks, Kappe is also a pivotal figure as founder of SCI-Arc (the Southern California Institute of Architecture) and as Director of that radical school from its inception in 1973 until 1987.
Currently based in Behnisch's Los Angeles office, Jantzen trained at SCI-Arc and worked on the practice's spa at Bad Elster (AR April 2001), which also manifested an inventive penchant for the use of coloured glass.
Based in Sendai following a period of postgraduate study at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles during the late I 980s, Hitoshi Abe is a young Japanese architect who has achieved international recognition despite being based outside the milieu of Tokyo.