SCiBSuper Charge Ion Battery (Toshiba)
SCiBSmall Craft Intrusion Barrier
SCiBSociety of Certified Investment Bankers (India)
SCiBSwitzerland Convention and Incentive Bureau
SCiBSouthern Consortium for Injury Biomechanics (Birmingham, AL)
SCiBShip Characteristics and Improvement Board
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SCIB Paints regional head-Middle East and Egypt Manish Mehra said recently "the prospects in the medium term are not very attractive" for the paints and coatings industry in Egypt according to a report by MarcoPolis LLC, a Paris-based international online publishing company.
However, the onset of the financial liquidity crisis prevented the dawning of this new era, and almost led to the collapse of the SCIB model.
It also analyses the prospects for this sub-sector and the possible rating ranges that the (as yet unrated) SCIBs might attain under Moody's rating methodology.
Guo Yuntao, an official with the SCIB, said share-holding might be employed to regroup small mines into large state coal enterprises.
The speed at which the SCIB model failed was alarming: the most innovative and in-demand concept since the birth of modern Islamic finance around 40 years ago was wiped out in just a few months.
Subsidiaries include Berger International, SCIB Paints -- Egypt, Asian Paints, Apco Coatings and Taubmans.
Asian Paints along with its subsidiaries have operations in 17 countries across the world with 23 paint manufacturing facilities, servicing consumers in 65 countries through Berger International, SCIB Paints--Egypt, Asian Paints, Apco Coatings and Taubmans.
With Enhances existing dyke on sections concerned, construction of new sections, connections dikes created on existing structures, treatments through-and longitudinal networks, demolition of structures or building located on the route of the new dam, realization of access and necessary equipment the operation of the works, moving the irrigation canal of Beaucaire and backfilling of abandoned channel segments, achieving a saving campaign of Diana, excavation of 325 000 m of material of Count Island, ecological remodeling of terraced areas, realization of development works and rehabilitation of areas related to the main site, recovery of the discharge gap of SCIB channel and reconstruction of a passage above the R & D gap on c1702 and plots C1716.
58% of SCIB held by Financial Institutions Development Fund (FIDF).
Fashion Finishes is a new range of products pioneered by SCIB Paints based in Egypt.
6% in SCIB is likely to lead to a rating review, Fitch noted.