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SCICSignificant Change in Condition (healthcare)
SCICService Contract Industry Council (Tallahassee, FL)
SCICSociety of Certified Insurance Counselors
SCICSouth Coastal Information Center (San Diego archaeology)
SCICService Commun Interprétation-Conférences (Joint Interpreting and Conference Service)
SCICStanding Committee on Interregional Connectivity (ICFA)
SCICSurface Coil Intensity Correction
SCICSenior Cadet Instructors Cadre (UK)
SCICSouthern California Impreza Club (car club)
SCICSpecial Control Item Code
SCICSumter County Interagency Council (Florida, USA)
SCICStrategic Consulting and Implementation Consortium (London, England, UK)
SCICSport Compact Import Club (Daytona Beach, FL)
SCICSouthern California Indian Center (est. 1968)
SCICSisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception (Catholic religious order)
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The defendants admitted to copying SCIC files but said those clients would have followed them to their new business in any case.
In addition, SCIC will provide shared services to support the business activities of each base (including legal, intellectual property rights management, personnel affairs, corporate public relations, brand strategy, and IT services) with the goal of improved operational efficiency.
I joined SCIC - which can quite genuinely lay claim to the acronym Sailing Cruises In Comfort - for a week's sailing along Turkey's Turquoise Coast.
La formula SCIC ha tenido una gran aceptacion: para Anales de diciembre 2007 ya existian 107 SCIC en actividad, en mas de 40 sectores de actividad, que pueden agruparse en dos grandes familias: los servicios (sociales, de salud, deportes, educacion, cultura, vivienda), y el medioambiente (conservacion de la naturaleza, valorizacion del patrimonio natural y cultural, recoleccion y valorizacion de desechos, produccion y distribucion de energia (4)).
DG SCIC has held annual tests in practically all the new Member States for the past four years.
If you could take a week to invisibly watch how the Long Beach SCIC operates, you could see some of the things I'm talking about.
Vestar also controls the Board of Directors of Solo Cup and SCIC.
Implementing agency : AB Habitat SCIC d'HLM d'Argenteuil-Bezons 807 567 136 RCS Pontoise SIRET 807 567 136 000 21 NAF 6820 A
With almost 40 years as a paraplegic, I have used Seattle SCIC, Palo Alto SCIC, and Long Beach SCIC.
SCIC Appears Wednesday before Missouri AG's Auto Service Contract Task Force
The modern comprehensive VA SCIC program also owes much to the Guttman model.
These could be avoided through a variety of measures, including the appointment in each Service of a person responsible for co-ordination with the Interpreting Service (SCIC), the definition of user profiles enabling the SCIC to better foresee the needs for each type of meeting and the use of web-based meeting request forms.