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SCIESymbiosis Centre for International Education (India)
SCIESystème Canadien d'Information pour l'Environnement (French)
SCIESummer Convention on Information Extraction (Frascati, Italy)
SCIESteering Committee for Informatics Education (Health Science Information Consortium of Toronto; Canada)
SCIESurface Current Integral Equation
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In a year or two, when Thomson Reuters evaluates the latest Journal Citation Report data for our journal, the data may warrant the evaluation of the Acta Dermatovenerol APA for the desired SCIE.
The aim of the present study was to examine the articles by Turkish academics published in international emergency medical journals that were indexed in SCIE.
As imprisonment can also aggravate underlying family issues of poverty, health issues, substance misuse and domestic violence, literature suggests that children of prisoners experience disproportionate exposure to preexisting social disadvantage and other environmental risks (Rosenberg, 2009; SCIE, 2009; Makariev and Shaver, 2010; Johnson and Easterling, 2012; Jones et al, 2013).
Unfortunately, research articles decreased following separation from SCIE.
SCIE Position paper 3: Has service user participation made a difference to social care services?
It's an important time for social care in Wales and I look forward to playing an active role on the SCIE board.
SCMS resides within SCIE which is developed and maintained by DSADC.
Boylece Index Medicus ve SCIE gibi, ama resmi bir kurum tarafindan tesvik almis oldu.
Degerli meslektaslarim, bundan sonrasi icin yine sizlerden ricamiz, dis yayin takintisina takilmadan, guzel calisma ve arastirmalarinizi daha once de oldugu gibi SCIE kapsamindaki dergimize yonlendirmenizdir.
O tavsana yetismek ve o hizi tutturmak her yariscinin ideali: 0 hiz olmasa da, ona yakin olabilmek rekor kirmayi saglamaktir: SCIE.
These skills and knowledge provide the health visitor with professional resources that are identified as important in research (Barkby et al, 2009; SCIE, 2005); to address the significant challenges which parents with learning difficulties face.
The journal is indexed by AGRICOLA, Current Contents (Thomson ISI's Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences database, and the SCIE database), Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau (CAB) databases, EBSCO (Academic Search Complete), Gale (Academic OneFile), Google Scholar, Proquest and others, including open-access databases.