SCIEHScottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health
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A SCIEH spokesman said: "We suspect raw eggs were to blame and have told the company.
SCIEH was ordered to measure the number of patients with MRSA three years ago, after a major report showed it was on the rise.
The high-profile SCIEH is responsible for monitoring the spread of infectious diseases in Scotland - which includes everything from measles and chickenpox to HIV and the superbug MRSA.
The Common Services Agency, the body which runs SCIEH, has defended its decision to appoint Brett.
Professor David Goldberg, deputy director of SCIEH, said politicians must at least examine the possibility of mass vaccination.
Public health consultants used SCIEH tests to determine which strain will cause misery this year.
Dr Peter Christie, of the SCIEH, said: "We expect it to get worse.
SCIEH consultant Dr Peter Christie said: "The new vaccine offers the hope that we will be able to protect children from this form of meningitis.
A bulletin yesterday from the SCIEH said: "The large number of delayed reports were identified as a consequence of a comprehensive case-finding exercise which was conducted during the year.