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SCIENTScientology (Church)
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In 1983 Scient was federal chartered to include spouses and immediate family members of Pfizer employees so they could also take advantage of credit union membership.
Most recently, he served as chief lending officer and chief operating officer at Scient FCU.
"Operative treatment by anterior approach to the disk hernia in the lumbar spine," Osteochondroz pozvonochnika: Materials of the Scient. Sympoisum [Osteohondroz pozvonochnika: Mater.
Scient, based in Brindleyplace, will project manage an ambitious plan to implement Internet, e-mail and online learning facilities in 97 centres across the Borough of Doncaster by the end of the year.
Once high-flying IT services company Scient has been bought by low-profile professional services group SBI and Company.
The site was designed in conjunction with Scient (formerly iXL).
Better to turn to hip upstart e-consulting outfits like Viant, Scient, or Sapiens.
The Reuters, Bear Steams, Ernst & Young, Bloomberg, Bertlesman, Jones Day Scient and AOL Time Warner towers are fully booked already, although many of them are not far past the blueprint stage.
Given that the forests are a scient ifically credible mechanism to reduce emissions and store carbon, forestland management can help achieve our domestic and international emissions targets.
Shares of Scient Corp., Proxicom and have all fallen more than 80% from their year-highs over the past year.
For research where the results are destined for open-literature publication, access to the neutron beam laboratory is granted free of charge, after the scient ific merit of the proposed research has been established by peer review.
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