SCIESSouth Carolina Institute for Energy Studies (Clemson University)
SCIESSurrey Centre for International Economic Studies (UK)
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While "phone-to-phone" voice over IP telephony solutions can be implemented using gateways provided by Vienna Systems and others, SCIES Fone Assist further expands capabilities, enabling phone-to and from-PC services, as well as PC-to-PC voice and other enhanced services linking PCs worldwide using the Vienna Systems platform.
Applications for SCIES Fone Assist include providing voice services to remote global multinational offices where existing telephone network services are marginal; customized applications requiring unified messaging with links to voice mail, E-mail and other systems; secure, encrypted voice systems requiring authentication and encryption; and electronic commerce applications.
For more information on SCIES, visit its website at www.
Since SCIES Fone Express is Java-based, providers can offer enhanced features such as push technologies for web advertising, electronic commerce, corporate messaging, access to billing data, seamless software upgrading, public directories, among many others.
Given that end-users are now quite comfortable with using the web, a user simply accesses the SCIES Fone Express from their browser to place long distance or international VOIP calls at a fraction of the cost of using the Public Switched Telephone Network," said Paul B.
Given a large multinational may spend in excess of $200 million a year on average for long distance and international calls, moving even a small portion of their existing voice off of the VPN to their own corporate intranets using SCIES Fone Express software provides a significant bottom line impact," said Steven Faigen, President of SCIES, Inc.
Commercial release of the new software is planned for the end of October and copies can be secured via the SCIES web site.
The SCIES acquisition provides SecurFone with access to new Internet capabilities and technology to help us deliver enhanced, cost effective prepaid and other wireless services to our customers.
One of the key assets of this acquisition is SCIES management resources.
products include SCIES Fone Assist(TM), a PC-based Internet telephony software system, and SCIES CITRUS(TM) System, a Call Detail Record (CDR) capture, processing and billing support system for ISPs, wireless carriers and other global operators seeking to offer IP-based services.