SCIExSouth Carolina Information Exchange
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The X-Series is driven by the all new SCIEX OS software, a completely redesigned operating software boasting a single, simple user interface to acquire data, process and review results, and easy to understand reports.
SCIEX helps to improve the world we live in by enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to find answers to the complex analytical challenges they face.
In response to the needs and requests from our customers, we have provided flexibility and choice to those who need it" said Joe Fox, Senior Director of Pharma Business at SCIEX .
To offer integrated workflows, AB SCIEX will co-market and resell PREMIER Biosoft's SimLipid, a comprehensive high throughput lipid identification software product, for use with AB SCIEX's wide range of mass spectrometers.
Sciex is a division of MDS Analytical Technologies.
Because of the difficulty it was having generating the CNC code to manufacture the increasingly complex parts from PE SCIEX, QLP knew they needed a CAD/CAM software solution.
AB SCIEX, a global leader in analytical technologies, today introduced the AB SCIEX API 3200MD[TM] and 3200MD QTRAP([R]) LC/MS/MS systems*, two devices that can be used to analyze trace levels of multiple compounds in human samples for diagnostic purposes.
The enhanced dependability of the AB SCIEX workflow can also boost productivity for food testing labs that are required to study numerous samples for many different targeted compounds to fulfill the demand for greater food safety testing and monitoring.
The CanWest Global Communications Corporation $25,000 Manning Award of Distinction, given to leading Canadian innovators since 1982, has been awarded to Scott Tanner and Vladimir Baranov, both research scientists at MDS Sciex, for their invention of the Dynamic Reaction Cell (DRC).
The new method from AB SCIEX to test for DCD is designed to increase the accuracy and reduce the amount of time to identify dicyandiamide and other nitrogen-rich compounds from hours to just minutes, with limits of quantitation down to low og/kg.
In the past protein mapping was a slow process, but with the development of the QSTAR, researches who used to be able to identify one protein every five months can now identify several hundred a day," said Bill Davidson, vice-president of Science and Technology, MDS Sciex.
ISB and AB SCIEX have signed a multi-year agreement to collaborate on the development of methods and technology in proteomics mass spectrometry with the goal to redefine biomarker research and complement genomics through fully comprehensive quantitative proteomics analysis.