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SCIFSensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIFState Compensation Insurance Fund
SCIFStem Cell Instrumentation Foundry (California)
SCIFSecure Compartmentalized Information Facility
SCIFSeed Co-Investment Fund (New Zealand Venture Investment Fund)
SCIFSmall Cap India ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
SCIFSunshine Coast Institute of Football (Australia)
SCIFSouth Coast Intensive Final (UK)
SCIFSindicato da Carreira de Investigação e Fiscalização (Portugal, Union of the Career of Inquiry and Fiscalização)
SCIFSpacecraft Interface
SCIFSingle Console Image Facility
SCIFSpecial Classified Intelligence Facility (common but incorrect)
SCIFSupply Chain Innovation Forum
SCIFSustainable Communities Initiative Fund
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He said SCIF looks at the advantages of telemedicine not only in terms of access to care - and it sees that aspect as being hugely beneficial - but also in terms of efficiency.
(40.) A SCIF is a secured room in which highly classified information is reviewed and analyzed.
This is a valid concern, but prosecutors would be far less burdened by the proposal than defense counsel would be in having to travel to a SCIF and navigate thousands of hours of recordings to find relevant evidence.
"The Afghanistan training efforts include the Border Mentoring Task Force, DEA SCIF, Counter Narcotics Academy and the Border Services Communications training.
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service, or NCIS, had been investigating Gayl, and, "[b]ased on the forensic analysis contained within the report, it appears that on multiple occasions you used an unauthorized USB media flash device within the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), in violation of SCIF security requirements." The letter didn't specify what, if anything, was put on or taken off the flash drive.
Originally known as the State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF), Pinnacol was created by the Colorado Legislature in 1915 and mandated to provide affordable workers' compensation coverage to Colorado businesses and to pay benefits to injured workers and their families.
The Salvation Army and the Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) hosted their 11th Annual Feed the Hungry Feast in Reno on Jan.
That's my only reservation: our ability to borrow money to fund either the whole of the stand or, if should we be successful with the fans help this time around for Scif funding and the local authority's help, we would still have to put a proportion of the money in.
Assuming that some of the potential evidence in many cases would be highly classified, the trial judge would need a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) (17) when reading the classified documents and for securely storing the evidence when trial is not in session.
In eight articles, beginning last April and running through September, WCE detailed SCIF's attempts to gut the measure.