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SCIFSensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIFState Compensation Insurance Fund
SCIFSecure Compartmentalized Information Facility
SCIFSeed Co-Investment Fund (New Zealand Venture Investment Fund)
SCIFSindicato da Carreira de Investigação e Fiscalização (Portugal, Union of the Career of Inquiry and Fiscalização)
SCIFSpacecraft Interface
SCIFSingle Console Image Facility
SCIFSpecial Classified Intelligence Facility (common but incorrect)
SCIFSupply Chain Innovation Forum
SCIFSustainable Communities Initiative Fund
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Once the bill imposing open records and meeting requirements on SCIF passed, WCE told readers how to file a public records act request of the agency.
Grant the insurance commissioner the same regulatory authority over the SCIF as he has over private carriers.
Fairbanks said SCIF won't just be used during national emergencies.
Ever since the proposed sale of SCIF came out there has been nothing but questions and very few answers," said Jerry Azevedo, a Sacramento-based spokesman for the Workers' Compensation Action Network, a coalition which pushed for the workers' compensation reforms that were enacted in California in the earlier part of the decade.
Most of the safety groups were supposed to provide safety education--but about all they did was distribute safety materials provided, paid for and produced by the SCIF, not the safety groups.
In a statement, SCIF chairman Jeanne Cain said, "Janet brings an impressive track record of results in the industry and has been recognized for her strategic planning and process improvement capabilities.
The New Zealand government was so impressed with the SCIF they invited a member of the Scottish Enterprise team to go out and advise them on their new fund.
LOS ANGELES -- WallStreet Research[TM], a leading independent analyst research firm focusing on the small and micro-cap marketplace, announced that it will hold The Southern California Investment Forum (SCIF) Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at The Luxe Sunset Hotel in Los Angeles (Brentwood) with another SCIF Forum to be held at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach, CA on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.
The scope also includes the build-out of a SCIF space (CIA Certified) and an Operation Center for disasters and responses (State Department Certified) and classified office space included in the overall open office collaborative space.
The SCIF gathering will continue the next day on Wednesday April 25th in Las Vegas.