SCIFUScottish Church Initiative for Union (United Kingdom)
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to approve the SCIFU proposal in general terms as an appropriate model for pursuing full visible unity in Scotland, recognizing that there are many stages in the process.
to continue the search for full visible unity through a new group appointed by the four churches with the remit to complete the unfinished business of the SCIFU proposal and prepare a Basis & Plan of Union.
From the responses it was clear that the SCIFU Group had not succeeded in allaying Presbyterian fears about bishops.
The demise of SCIFU has meant the end of multilateral church conversation for organic, structural union involving the Church of Scotland.
The SCIFU group made what, with hindsight, proved to be a mistake.
By the end of 2001 it was becoming apparent that SCIFU was generating a lot of heated debate.
There will be a popular report setting out the vision of the SCIFU process in a way that is accessible and unburdened by intimate detail.
The SCIFU group, while disappointed with the lack of progress towards a basis and plan of union, is nonetheless grateful that the work it has done did take us further than the previous multilateral church conversation in Scotland (1968-1993).
The practice of ordination to the eldership and the still common expectation in many congregations that an elder will serve for life led to deep and difficult discussion in the SCIFU group.
However, in identifying various ministries of oversight, including a personal ministry at regional level, the SCIFU group has insisted on using the word.
The SCIFU group has taken seriously the need for people to worship in a style which they find meaningful and comfortable.
The SCIFU group sees the maxi-parish within the context of a structure that will have regional councils and a national council.