SCIGSouthern California International Gateway
SCIGScottish Construction Industry Group (UK)
SCIGState Correctional Institution at Graterford (Pennsylvania)
SCIGSubmarine Cable Improvement Group (est. 1995)
SCIGSimulator Component Inoperative Guide (transportation industry regulation; Canada)
SCIGSteuben County Industrial Guild (Angola, IN)
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Wind energy conversion system composed of wind turbine blades, a SCIG, a MC and corresponding control system.
In addition, the SCIG Project will provide direct access to the Alameda Corridor and will enable the Alameda Corridor to reach its potential in terms of train capacity, thereby further realizing the significant benefits that already result from using it, such as reduction of traffic congestion and improvement in air quality.
We look forward to working with the council and affiliated trades to build SCIG and to bring its traffic, air quality and economic benefits to Southern California," said Matthew K.
We're proud to provide BNSF with a skilled local union workforce to build SCIG," added Robbie Hunter, Executive-Secretary of the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council.
SCIG will allow containers to be loaded onto rail just four miles from the docks, rather than traveling 24 miles on local roads and the 710 freeway to downtown rail facilities.
Moreover, control strategies of wind turbines have been revised and four types of controllers including active power controller, reactive power controller and pitch controller for DFIG wind turbines and pitch controller for SCIG wind turbines have been simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK software.
Analysis and design of SCIG and DFIG wind turbines in load flow, short circuit and transient stability computational modules have been done.
This report validates that building SCIG is the right choice for green growth in Los Angeles," said Matthew K.
The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor voted to endorse and actively support SCIG because it's time to bring good jobs to our region.
Data from this retrospective analysis of real-world use in the United States show current SCIG administration uses significantly more immune globulin than IVIG.