SCIIStarCraft II (gaming)
SCIIStrong-Campbell Interest Inventory
SCIISoul Caliber II(video game)
SCIISubcutaneous Insulin Infusion (endocrinology)
SCIIScience of Information Institute
SCIISpinal Cord Ischemic Injury
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However, so far, the influence of miR-448 on SCII has not been reported.
(4) If some stay cables have already been monitored by other means, then the SCII of these stay cables should be set as lower value than other stay cables should be.
Another representation type is [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE INA SCII.] where [f.sub.1] (y|A)/b represents the linear function from the point "a" to "b" and [f.sub.2] (y\A)/c represents the linear function from the point "b" to "c".
Moffat., 1988, "Describing the uncertainties in experimental results, Expl.Therm.Fluid Scii. 1, 3-17
Dobrovoljskij (2007) govori osim o pojmu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN SCII.] naccue jos i o pojmovima [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN SCII.] i [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN SCII.], a isto i o obliku koji naziva [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN SCII.] u ruskom jeziku.
SCII (Science of Camouflage, 2nd Generation) is similar in design to their original Natural pattern and its vertical orientation of elements help hunters blend in to a number of lighting conditions.
Evaluated Performance Model (EP): Based on the above, Teas proposed the standard interpretation of the "expectation" standard as the classic ideal point (finite), so the quality was indicated by [[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN SCII.] where [W.sub.j] was a factor of importance of the corresponding attribute as a determining factor of the quality perceived and in which [I.sub.j] represented the classic ideal point.
The conditions on g allow us to insert [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN SCII.] in the following derivation.
* 8) NaturalGear's SCII (Science of Camouflage, 2nd Generation) camo features the company's "open" pattern design plus moss and lichen to give it depth and cover.