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SCILSerial Control Interface Logic
SCILSubstrate Conformal Imprint Lithography
SCILStanford Center for Innovations in Learning (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
SCILSpringfield Center for Independent Living
SCILSchool for Contemporary and Islamic Learning (Pakistan)
SCILSouthern California Instruction Librarians
SCILScan Configurable Interface Logic (JTAG Technologies)
SCILSecondary Collateralized Institutional Loan
SCILSelf-Contained Individualized Learning
SCILSwitch Computer Interface Link (AT&T)
SCILShips Construction Items Listing
SCILSite Continuous Improvement Leader (GKN PLC)
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(scil.: ...) nie, niemals wurde seine Einsamkeit durchbrochen (S.18)
pluries declaratum est baptizatos, quamvis amisissent fidem christianam, si coniugium tamquam contractum naturalem contrahant recta curo intentione (scil.: nullum elementum essentiale excludentes), valide matrimonium contrahere et quidem etiam tamquam sacramentum.
Textes critiques et etudes historiques (Publications de l'Institut d'Etudes historiques, 23), Montreal-Paris 1988, 333-335, 513f.: Et hanc (scil. scienciam) dicunt quidam haberi per leges et decreta, alii Tullio traditam esse in quibusdam libris qui non multum a nobis habentur in usu.
The main products of SCIL are basic chemicals which include ammonium chloride, bleaching powder, caustic soda flakes, caustic soda liquid 33 per cent, caustic soda liquid 50 per cent, hydrated lime, hydrochloric acid, liquid chlorine and sodium hypochloride.
The tournament, sponsored by R-Value Ltd and SCIL Ltd, will be contested by teams of four - three club golfers and a PGA professional or celebrity.
(NYSE:PFE) and Scil Technology GmbH (Scil) have signed a licensing agreement for worldwide collaboration on Scil's cartilage specific growth factor CD-RAP.
2, about an otherwise unknown Homeric passage, he says that the poet "means the fruit of wheat, naming it after Demeter who has found it." As regards the same Iliadic passage, Trypho II gives an explanation that is concentrated on the idea of "pertinence": "[the word "Hephaestus," scil.] means 'fire.' which is in correlation with Hephaestus." Eustathius, with regard to the equivalence wheat/Demeter, remembers that the goddess is "responsible ...