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SCILSpringfield Center for Independent Living
SCILSouthern California Instruction Librarians
SCILScan Configurable Interface Logic (JTAG Technologies)
SCILSelf-Contained Individualized Learning
SCILSwitch Computer Interface Link (AT&T)
SCILShips Construction Items Listing
SCILSite Continuous Improvement Leader (GKN PLC)
SCILSecondary Collateralized Institutional Loan
SCILSubstrate Conformal Imprint Lithography
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A further decisive reason for the acquisition was SCIL s highly qualified workforce.
For example, RS and SCIL help deaf and hard of hearing individuals remain in their homes by providing assistive technology, relevant resources and training.
We are very excited about our partnership with EMV Academy, where we can help US based issuers and financial institutions with their understanding of EMV," said Mansour A Karimzadeh CEO at SCIL.
SCIL sponsored legislation currently making its way through the California State Legislature aims to address the problem of overpopulation and subsequent euthanasia in shelters.
This partnership with SCIL validates the unique attributes of our catalyst technology and the ability of our business model to serve international markets," said Rob Tripp, CEO of Benefuel.
Support for parallel SCIL generation on multiple cpus/cores, via the gnatmake "-j" switch.