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AElfred L62: Gif monnes peoh bid pyrel, gesylle him mon XXX scill' to bote.
Horst Haider Munske, in his study of 1973, views the construction as "a manner of representation solely characteristic of AEthelberht." (33) Munske observes that the overwhelming majority of personal injury laws in AEthelberht's code are formed "according to a stereotypical pattern, e.g., Gif eare direl weorped, III scill gebete, `If an ear should become pierced, let one pay three shillings.'" What is particularly unusual about the behavior of the verb weordan in AEthelberht's code, Munske argues, aside from its consistently clause-final position, is its ability to freely complement participles, adjectives, adverbs and nouns.
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