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SCIMSmart Common Input Method
SCIMSpinal Cord Independence Measure
SCIMService Capability Interaction Manager (3GPP)
SCIMSample Collection for Investigation of Mars
SCIMSquirrel Cage Induction Motor
SCIMScripps Center for Integrative Medicine (San Diego, California)
SCIMStandard Cubic Inches per Minute
SCIMSecure Cryptographic Instant Messenger
SCIMSingle-Chip Integration Module
SCIMSystem, Component, Item, Module
SCIMSupply Chain Inventory Management
SCIMSpeech Communications Index Meter
SCIMSupersonic Cruise Intercept Missile
SCIMSensitive Compartmented Information Monitor
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Since SPCM and SCIM can cooperatively manage and schedule the network resources, they can achieve approximate performance on RUR and lead to higher resources utilization than other two approaches.
Real-time estimation of population size is critical to SCIM because it's required to perform more accurate per capita back-calculations.
The two moving interfaces of SCIM are captured by the level set equation which is coupled with the governing equations of the multiphase How.
At issue is whether SCIM will become an IETF-approved working group and eventually an industry standard.
The SCIM, developed in 1997, was specifically designed to address the needs of individuals with SCI; it was revised in 2001 [15-16] and 2007 [17] and is now called the SCIM-III.
Examining terms associated with the Operations Consultant cluster, the SCIM position is attempting the complementary goal of ensuring that firms can just as easily share data as they can products and services.
The closest alternatives measure disability and include the four gait-related items of the SCIM and the Spinal Cord Injury Functional Ambulation Inventory (SCI-FAI).
For more information about SCIM contact 0141 552 5070 or visit www.
Friends who wish may make a memorial contribution to Good Shepherd Center, Lesotho, Southern Africa, c/o Sister Claire Lambert, SCIM, 313 Seaside Ave.
To fulfill the role of the IMS SCIM (Service Capability Interaction Manager) and SSF (Service Switching Function), Stratus has introduced its Stratus CSB.
SCIM CITY: Cardiff's Riccardo Scimeca celebrates his goal with Glenn Loovens' Picture: HUW EVANS' CHOPS AWAY: Chopra and Thomas