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SCIMSmart Common Input Method
SCIMSpinal Cord Independence Measure
SCIMService Capability Interaction Manager (3GPP)
SCIMSample Collection for Investigation of Mars
SCIMSquirrel Cage Induction Motor
SCIMScripps Center for Integrative Medicine (San Diego, California)
SCIMStandard Cubic Inches per Minute
SCIMSecure Cryptographic Instant Messenger
SCIMSingle-Chip Integration Module
SCIMSystem, Component, Item, Module
SCIMSupply Chain Inventory Management
SCIMSpeech Communications Index Meter
SCIMSupersonic Cruise Intercept Missile
SCIMSensitive Compartmented Information Monitor
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The two moving interfaces of SCIM are captured by the level set equation which is coupled with the governing equations of the multiphase How.
At issue is whether SCIM will become an IETF-approved working group and eventually an industry standard.
Abbreviations: ADL = activity of daily living, ADLAT = ADL Abilities Test, BI = Barthel Index, FES = functional electrical stimulation, FIM = Functional Independence Measure, MBI = Modified BI, MTM = methods-time measurement, QIF = Quadriplegia Index of Function, RLAT = Rancho Los Amigos Test, SCI = spinal cord injury, SCIM = Spinal Cord Independence Measure.
Our results imply that SCM is most often associated with Sourcing (Purchasing); the clusters we identified as Operations Consultant and SCIM had the greatest breadth.
Open APIs: Supports all major open identity standards, including SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect and SCIM
The SCIM measures the following areas of function: self-care, respiration and sphincter management, and mobility.
Dave's 1969 GTE model Scim has a three-litre Ford engine and can top 120mph.
CloudAuthZ will define configurations of existing standards, such as OAuth, SCIM, and XACML, to provide mechanisms for enabling the delivery of cloud contextual attributes to Policy Enforcement Points.
Secondary exploratory endpoints of the Phase I trial include: evaluating the ability of NSI-566 transplantation to positively affect AIS level, ISNC SCI motor and sensory index scores, bowel and bladder function, pain, UAB IMR scores, SCIM scores, evoked sensory and motor potentials, and electromyogram (EMG).
ASIA C to D; [up arrow] WISCI 1-15; [up arrow] SCIM 2009 [8] 50 to 90; [up arrow] BBS 35 to 43.