SCINTScript Interpreter
SCINTSouth Coast Interagency Narcotics Team (Oregon; est. 1988)
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A deputy district attorney paid by SCINT was recently cut.
Rector said a federal law enforcement grant that has provided about $175,000 annually for SCINT can likely be renewed after July 1, but the problem will be providing the necessary matching funds of more than $58,000.
Such revenue in the past provided the bulk of SCINT's financial support.
Mike Lehman of Coos Bay said continuing to keep SCINT alive causes a credibility problem because for the past two years officials have talked about its imminent demise, and voters were told before the election that if the measure was not approved the drug team would fold.
South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team (SCINT) Steering Committee - 1 p.m., Bandon Dunes Golf Resort Clubhouse, 57744 Round Lake Drive.
For the past two months, Looney and law enforcement leaders on the SCINT board of directors, have been talking to any groups that will listen about the team, its past successes, and the threat it faces.