SCIRSouthern California International Review (School of International Relations; University of Southern California)
SCIRSupreme Council for the Islamic Revolution (Iraq; Shiite political party)
SCIRSchwab Center for Investment Research
SCIRSubsystem Capability Impact Reporting
SCIRSoftware Configuration Index Record
SCIRSouth Central Iowa Realty (Mount Ayr, IA)
SCIRSingle Cell Infrared Spectroscopy
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We presented a mathematical framework of vaccination and treatment on SCIRS bacterial meningitis model.
Currently, several studies have been conducted to explore the functional role of autophagy in SCIR. However, the results of these studies are inconsistent.
In the introduction of a souvenir brochure on the occasion, issued by the SCIR, recognised Thatcher's presence as follows: "The presence at this opening ceremony of the British Secretary of State for Education and Science, the Rt.
The waveform optimization for target identification is addressed by relating SCIR to the Mahalanobis distance [5, 6].
The QSK95 uses an SCIR after-treatment system to meet Tier 4 Final low-emissions standards with a highly flexible installation package intended to replace the exhaust muffler.
SCIR is an international, independent study of the supply chain, management and logistics practices in Saudi Arabia and other emerging economies.
Leading supply chain and logistics provider Hala Supply Chain Services (Hala SCS) will release the pioneering Saudi Arabian Supply Chain Intelligence Report (SCIR) next month.
Thankfully, it appears that the SCIR party was dealt a thumping in the recent elections, and that it severely lost ground in representation, thereby signifying a return to patriotism and nationalism, and a slight distancing from Iranian influence.
This involved creation of specific categories of competency-based training, as in their Bands SC, SCIR and SCIRA, through inclusion of additional elements at the more restricted, higher levels of categorisation, with Smith et al.'s findings indicating these additional elements were less frequently found in practical implementation.
The cliffs at Sheerness share the same characteristic; their Saxon name emphasises the point -- `Sheerness' means `bright headland', from Old English scir, bright.
1000: Wodon pa woelwulfas, for woetere ne murnon The war-wolves advanced, heeded not water, wicinga werod, west ofer Pantan West across Panta; the Viking host ofer scir woeter scyldas wegon, Over shining water carried their shields.