SCISASouth Carolina Independent School Association
SCISASalmon Creek Indoor Sports Arena (Vancouver, WA)
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(88) Given these reported covert operations, and federal powers like those authorized under the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act (89) and SCISA's information-sharing regime, it is not unreasonable to suggest that our internet freedoms may potentially be in jeopardy, at home as well as abroad.
In addition to impugning SCISA and speech limiting amendments to the Criminal Code, the applicants zero in on the Secure Air Travel Act and revisions to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Canadian Security Intelligence Act.
While this proceeding has yet to advance to a hearing, certain aspects of its approach to section 2(b) are evident from the Notice of Application, particularly as it relates to SCISA and the Criminal Code amendments.
Though the CCLA/CJFE Notice of Application does not refer explicitly to the Web (other than citing the Criminal Code "internet deletion provisions" (135) ), its invoking of the "era of 'big data' information processing" (136) in connection with SCISA is a nod to the massive data trails subject to monitoring.