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In 1998, SCISC offered to provide $500 if Novosibirsk Oblast was willing to match that amount and conduct a competition together.
In a survey conducted by the SCISC of forty-three organizations participating in the 2005 Novosibirsk NGO fair (including human rights, ecology, disabled, youth parliaments, AIDS, breast cancer, pensioner rights, soldiers and veterans rights, small town school based groups, and community organizations), the general sentiment seemed to be, "Let's try this, we can always walk out." Asked if they would participate in the Public Chamber if invited, 60 percent said yes, 16 percent said no, with the remaining uncertain.
(45) These and many other achievements of Siberian non-profit organizations can be found on the SCISC English language website,; Interviews with Siberian NGO representatives were conducted by Alina Simone, June to August 2004, with the support of a David L.