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Hic denuo sese aperis, hic denuo coram fabulam scite agit'.
Auf der anderen Scite werden durch Vermittler in Kontaktburos universitatsbeschaftigte Wissenschaftler mit geringem Forschungspotential mit mittel-standischen Unternehmen tiber weniger interaktive Spilloverkanale wie z.B.
on Dr Townson's Farm, where we stopt for a few minutes to speak to the Doctor and to look at a very ill chosen situation he had fix on for the scite of his new intended House.
histrio in terra Graecia fuit fama celebri, qui gestus et vocis claritudine et venustate ceteris antistabat; nomen fuisse aiunt Polum, tragoedias poetarum nobilium scite atque asseverate actitavit.
As far as I can discover, there seems in that neighborhood a general disposition to make the United States pay well for the scite [sic] of a Lighthouse, and I suspect that even a jury from that vicinity, under a writ of ad quod damnum, would estimate the price not by the real value of the article, but by the ability of the purchaser, the Public.
Imitating the action of censing by turning the hand downwards and moving it stands for a censer (24): "wend pu pine hand of dune and wege hi"; the act of slicing represents a knife (55): "snid pu mid pinum fingre ofer ponne operne"; cutting--"pu mid pinum scite fingre do ofer pinne operne swilce pu ceorfan wille"--and shaving--"straca ...
Aulus Gellius summarizes and critiques several satires, such as "Peri Edesmaton" (On Edibles), in which, "in elegant and cleverly composed verses" ("lepide admodum et scite factis versibus"), Varro lists the exotic delicacies which gourmands sought out and served up.
numeris coagmentisque verborum scite modulateque apta' (17.20.L).
But in addition to eliminating the citations, we wanted to keep a place marker for where the citations had been, so we ultimately developed a program to replace every citation with the term "scite." Because "scite" has five letters (which is also consistently the average length of words in briefs), including it does not significantly influence our results.