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Alpert's "The Macho-Mensch: Modeling American Jewish Masculinity and the Heroes of Baseball"; and Ari Sclar's "Redefining Jewish Athleticism: New Approaches and Research Directions." Standing apart from these are essays that are not primarily about sports in the traditional sense one would expect: Eleanor F.
Sclar, Geometric calibration of industrial manipulators by circle point analysis.
Sclar (2001), for example, has noted that public contracting "occurs in a variety of market and public-agency settings that rarely approximate the textbook model of competition.
For a region of roughly 20 million people to improve coastal protection in a changing climate, ''things have to connect up,'' says Elliott Sclar, the director of Columbia University's Center for Sustainable Urban Development.
There is a wealth of research discussing the underdiagnosis of mood disorders in Blacks with depression in general and African American men with depression more specifically (Adebimpe, 1981; DelBello, 2002; Dixon et al., 2001; Hampton, 2007; Leo, Sherry, & Jones, 1998; Minsky, Vega, Miskimen, Gara, & Escobar, 2003; Neighbors, Trierweiler, Ford, & Muroff, 2003; Sclar, Robison, & Skaer, 2008; Strakowski et al., 2003).
Here c, [c.sub.0] and [l.sub.[infinity]] denote the classes of convergent, null and bounded sclar valued single sequences respectively.
[7.] Sclar D, Robison L, Schmidt J, Bowen K, Castillo L, Oganov A.
Here c, [c.sub.0] and [l.sub.[infinity]] denote the classes of convergent,null and bounded sclar valued single sequences respectively.
In the paper, they use the different way to measure the computation cost of sclar multiplication.
The three professors were: Peter Marcuse, Professor of Urban Planning; Andrew Scherer, Adjunct Professor; and Elliot Sclar, Professor of Urban Planning.