SCLCPSide-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymer
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It is suggested that the observed loss peak for the three SCLCP samples are due to the phase transition phenomena.
5-7 that the SCLCP 3 shows the highest value of [[Chi][double prime].
A significant release of space charges is particularly noticed for SCLCP 1 [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8 OMITTED].
It can be observed from Table 5 that the SCLCP 1 has the highest pyroelectric coefficient of 3.
Now the dipoles in the SCLCP 1 backbone are interacting and conjugated through the [Pi]-electrons.
For SCLCPs based on siloxane backbones, which are usually synthesized via hydrosilylation reactions (2), a reduction in the glass transition temperature is usually achieved by reacting the monomer with a backbone that carries a certain amount of dimethylsiloxane units.