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SCLMSo-Called Liberal Media
SCLMSoftware Configuration and Library Management (IBM)
SCLMSuccessful Christian Living Ministries (Euless, TX)
SCLMSupply Chain & Logistics Management
SCLMStanding Commission of Liturgy and Music (Episcopal Church)
SCLMScanning Confocal Light Microscopy (biology)
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There are 11 SCLMs across Australia, almost all being located in the EC + SA and the WA large regions.
The SA2s that are SCLMs are considered analogous to interactive CFERs as they represent a labour market and therefore should be included in any analysis.
In total, across Australia there are 159 Original CFERs, of which 123 are interactive CFERs, 11 are SA2s that are SCLMs, and 25 are SA2s that have no JTW commuting flows.
As may also be seen from Table 4, some of the aggregations have many SA2s that are SCLMs, and also many SA2s with no flows.
SCLMs also took on the name of their SA2, as did those without flows.
While SCLMs should be treated as interactive CFERs in most analyses, this coding structure allows analysts to consider the difference between these types of regions.