SCLPSenior Citizens Law Project
SCLPSouth Carolina Libertarian Party
SCLPSet Covering Location Problem (network algorithm)
SCLPStandardized Chapel Library Project (American Library Association; Chicago, IL)
SCLPCertified Leadership Practitioner-Senior Member (Australian Graduate School of Leadership)
SCLPSpouse/Common-Law Partner (Canada)
SCLPSuffolk County Libertarian Party (NY)
SCLPSignal Channel Link Protocol
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[16] deal with a particular SCLP with axle weight constraints.
Named an "Exemplary Program" by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, NYSERDA established SCLP to implement high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design in spaces less than 25,000 square feet.
Under the current agreement, ICF will transition SCLP into a broader-reaching Commercial Lighting Program (CLP) in order to capture a greater market for lighting upgrades, renovations, and new construction.
* La experiencia de los DELP y el SCLP basada en los DELP completos.
En 1999 se establece el Servicio para el Crecimiento y la Lucha contra la Pobreza (SCLP), para ayudar a los paises de bajo ingreso a hacer frente a los problemas estructurales de balanza de pagos y fomentar su crecimiento.
Los programas respaldados por el SCLP se basarian en documentos de estrategia de Lucha contra la Pobreza (DELP).
In passing from CLP to SCLP languages, we will replace classical constraints with the more general SCSP constraints.
After describing the syntax of SCLP programs, we will define three equivalent semantics for such languages: model-theoretic, fix-point, and operational.
Scancell Holdings plc (LON: SCLP) and ISA Pharmaceuticals BV have entered into a worldwide licensing and collaboration agreement to use ISA's Amplivant adjuvant technology for the manufacturing, development and commercialisation of Scancell's first Moditope development candidate, Modi-1, the companies disclosed on Thursday.
A peer-reviewed research paper published in the scientific journal Oncolmmunology has given Scancell Holdings plc's (LON: SCLP) lead drug SCIB1 a positive review, the company announced on Monday.
The European Patent Office intends to grant Scancell Holdings plc's (LON: SCLP) patent application for its Moditope immunotherapy platform, Proactive Investors reported on Friday.
5 May 2010 - UK-based developer of therapeutic cancer vaccines Scancell Holdings Plc (LON: SCLP) announced today that its proposal to conduct a Phase I clinical trial on melanoma vaccine SCIB1 has been approved in UK by the Gene Therapy Advisory Committee (GTAC) and by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Medicines Division.