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SCLRSynchronous Clear
SCLRScottish Council of Law Reporting (Scotland, UK)
SCLRSouth Carolina Law Review (University of South Carolina)
SCLRSanta Clara Law Review (California)
SCLRSouthern California Law Review (legal journal)
SCLRSomali Congress for Liberation and Reconstitution (political group; Somalia)
SCLRSouth Corridor Light Rail Project (North Carolina)
SCLRShane's Computer and Laptop Repairs (UK)
SCLRSingle Configuration Linear Response
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(61) See Brian Slattery, "The Constitutional Dimensions of Aboriginal Title" (2015) 71 SCLR 45.
(3.) For other general critiques of mandatory minimums, see Allan Manson, "Arbitrary Disproportionality: A New Charter Standard for Measuring the Constitutionality of Mandatory Minimum Sentences" (2012) 57 SCLR (2d) 173; Sarah Chaster, "Cruel, Unusual, and Constitutionally Infirm: Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Canada" (2018) 23 Appeal 89; Lauren Witten, "Proportionality as a Moral Process: Reconceiving Judicial Discretion and Mandatory Minimum Penalties" (2016) 48:1 Ottawa L Rev 81.
Porter, << Expectations of Equality >> (2006) 33 SCLR (2e)
To obtain an approximated solution, SCLR employs [l.sub.1] norm and nuclear norm as surrogate functions for [l.sub.0] norm and matrix rank, where the [l.sub.1] norm sums all the absolute values of the entries and the nuclear norm sums all the singular values of the matrix.
The long-awaited 3.5-kilometre long Santacruz-Chembur Link Road (SCLR) and the 1096-metre long Amar Mahal Junction flyover was finally completed ever since construction began in 2006 even though it was planned in 2002.
Configurable Possible values parameter (attribute values) (attribute) (to select one) Pipelining mode No pipelining, optimal, maximum Data format Unsigned fraction, unsigned integer Input width Range 8 to 48 Round mode Truncate, round positive infinity (RPI), round positive negative infinity (RPNI), nearest even (RNE) Optional pins Handshake signals (chip enable, CE; synchronous clear, SCLR; new data, ND; ready, rdy) TABLE 13: Representative characterization data for CORDIC configured for sqrt().
The legislative act was enacted by the deadline; however, the replacement of share certificates lagged behind the legislation: 76 percent issued through 2005 and 94 percent issued through 2009 (SCLR, 2012).
(20.) B Ryder, "Equal Autonomy in Canadian Federalism: The Continuing Search for Balance in the Interpretation of the Division of Powers "(2011) 54 SCLR 565 at 587.
SCOLR Pharma Inc (PINK: SCLR), a specialty pharmaceutical company, announced on Wednesday the unaudited net sales of its nutritional products for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2011, and the first quarter ended March 31, 2012.
In commenting on this case, Bruce Ryder states that "Not all beliefs or opinions can qualify as matters of conscience; otherwise freedom of conscience would become freedom to disregard all laws with which we disagree" ("State Neutrality and Religious Freedom" (2005) 29 SCLR (2d) at 169 193 ("Ryder")).
The radical Aztlan "reconquista" movement sprang not only from MEChA, but also from the La Raza Unida (The Race United) Party and the Southwest Council of La Ram (SCLR), which was NCLR's name before it went national.
(26) The experiment was apparently successful, because the SCLR has now launched the "Peer Reviewed Scholarship Marketplace," which is designed to provide law reviews with continued access to peer review.