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SCLRSouth Carolina Law Review (University of South Carolina)
SCLRSanta Clara Law Review (California)
SCLRSouthern California Law Review (legal journal)
SCLRSomali Congress for Liberation and Reconstitution (political group; Somalia)
SCLRSouth Corridor Light Rail Project (North Carolina)
SCLRSingle Configuration Linear Response
SCLRShane's Computer and Laptop Repairs (UK)
SCLRScottish Council of Law Reporting (Scotland, UK)
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An Empirical Overview of Charter Equality Rights Decisions" (2004) 24 SCLR (2d) 103 at Appendix A; Jonnette Watson Hamilton and Daniel Shea, "The Value of Equality in the Supreme Court of Canada: End, Means or Something Else?
SCLR and the Amar Mahal junction flyover were aimed at easing traffic snarls at Amar Mahal, Sion and Kalanagar junctions and in Kurla.
The Supreme Court Decision in Fraser v Ontario" (2011) 55 SCLR (2d) 285 at 295-296 [Bilson, "Developments"].
A Comment on Religious Freedom" (2005) 29 SCLR (2d) 221 at 228 ("Brown")).
Some recommendations that the SCLR was preparing have already been acted on, he noted.
Sanad Aero Solutions SCLR Lasertechnik GmbH (SLCR) SGL Group Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company Ltd.
35 billion (Dh292 million) SCLR project in 2005 but missed several deadlines because of delays in obtaining permission and clearing religious shrines, housing colonies and slums that fell on its route.
APH&R Property Holdings LLC purchased the 120-bed Abington project a year ago from SCLR LLC, led by Rick Wilson of Royal (Garland County), for $3.
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