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SCLRSouth Carolina Law Review (University of South Carolina)
SCLRSanta Clara Law Review (California)
SCLRSouthern California Law Review (legal journal)
SCLRSomali Congress for Liberation and Reconstitution (political group; Somalia)
SCLRSouth Corridor Light Rail Project (North Carolina)
SCLRSingle Configuration Linear Response
SCLRShane's Computer and Laptop Repairs (UK)
SCLRScottish Council of Law Reporting (Scotland, UK)
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112) Others have suggested that the Supreme Courts recent federalism jurisprudence "encourages the political branches to take the lead in defining the division of powers, by working out a mutually acceptable allocation of jurisdiction in each particular regulatory area", in part because of a "need to avoid legal vacuums": Wade K Wright, "Facilitating Intergovernmental Dialogue: Judicial Review of the Division of Powers in the Supreme Court of Canada" (2010) 51 SCLR (2d) 625 at 626, 646, citing Canadian Western Bank v Alberta, 2007 SCC 22 at para 44, [2007] 2 SCR 3.
in the area of constitutional decision-making" (Wade K Wright, "Facilitating Intergovernmental Dialogue: Judicial Review of the Division of Powers in the Supreme Court of Canada" (2010) 51 SCLR (2d) 625 at 628).
The Role of Constitutional Principles in Construing and Applying the Constitution of Canada" (2001), 14 SCLR (2d) 197.
An Empirical Overview of Charter Equality Rights Decisions" (2004) 24 SCLR (2d) 103 at Appendix A; Jonnette Watson Hamilton and Daniel Shea, "The Value of Equality in the Supreme Court of Canada: End, Means or Something Else?
SCLR and the Amar Mahal junction flyover were aimed at easing traffic snarls at Amar Mahal, Sion and Kalanagar junctions and in Kurla.
25) See Beatty & Kennett, supra note 14 at 229-236; Dianne Pothier, "Twenty Years of Labour Law and the Charter" (2002) 40 Osgoode Hall LJ 369 at 376-377 [Pothier]; Patrick Macklem, "Developments in Employment Law: The 1990-91 Term," (1992) 3 SCLR 227 at 230-231 [Macklem, "The 1990-91 Term"]; Langille, "Freedom of Association Mess," supra note 12 at 183-184.
In commenting on this case, Bruce Ryder states that "Not all beliefs or opinions can qualify as matters of conscience; otherwise freedom of conscience would become freedom to disregard all laws with which we disagree" ("State Neutrality and Religious Freedom" (2005) 29 SCLR (2d) at 169 193 ("Ryder")).
26) The experiment was apparently successful, because the SCLR has now launched the "Peer Reviewed Scholarship Marketplace," which is designed to provide law reviews with continued access to peer review.
I was convinced that this was a good organization, and six months later I applied for a job there, and I became one of the first staffers of the SCLR when it formed in Phoenix.
Agreeing with David Rothman, a member of the board and SCLR, Coxe said review of the grievance system should be ongoing.
153) For a discussion of some of the difficulties that have been posed by courts to those seeking to enforce their equality rights, see Sonia Lawrence, "Choice, Equality and Tales of Racial Discrimination: Reading the Supreme Court on Section 15" (2006) 33:2 SCLR 115.