SCLTSouthside Community Land Trust (Providence, RI)
SCLTSuSE (Gesellschaft für Software-und Systementwicklung) Certified Linux Trainer
SCLTSawmill Community Land Trust (est. 1997; Albuquerque, NM)
SCLTSupply Chain Leadership Team (distribution)
SCLTSouthern Calvert Land Trust (Maryland)
SCLTSwift Current Little Theatre (Canada)
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Although many individuals within the commonwealth had made this request, the advocacy of the SCLT had a major impact.
A sixth significant SCLT accomplishment has been developing and presenting a series of workshops introducing the ASCA National Model to professional school counselors within the commonwealth of Virginia.
The SCLT also sponsored and delivered two major educational summits in Virginia, which was its seventh major accomplishment.
The eighth major accomplishment of the SCLT was to sponsor a School District Director's Forum in Northern Virginia on January 15, 2004.
Currently, the SCLT is discussing the importance of gathering data about the role of school counselors in the state and is supporting the Virginia School Counseling Association (VSCA) in its efforts to gather information about the role and function of school counselors in Virginia and to determine the professional development needs of school counselors.
The SCLT is actively involved in training practicing school counselors and school counseling students in the use of accountability measures (Stone & Dahir, 2004) so that they can contribute to student success.
The SCLT also realizes there is significant work to be done to educate three distinct groups--superintendents, local and state school board members, and principals (Stone & Clark, 2001)--about the role and responsibilities of the professional school counselor, and it is considering ways to reach out to these three groups.
The overall positive impact on school counseling programs and counselor education programs resulting from decisions and activities made by the SCLT far outweighs the extra time and logistical challenges of scheduling and attending regular SCLT meetings.
As a result of the regular SCLT meetings, district counseling programs and counselor education programs have been strengthened.
Another outcome of the SCLT is that the four counselor education programs located in Northern Virginia now collaborate on ways to effectively educate and prepare counselors about the transformed role of professional school counselors using the latest research on counselor preparation and by infusing the ASCA National Model (2005) into the curriculum.
Two of the SCLT members are serving on a College Board School Counseling Advisory Board.
As a result of the development of the SCLT, as previously mentioned, other teams have been formed throughout the state.