SCMEStudent Coalition for Marriage Equality
SCMESchool of Construction Management and Engineering (UK)
SCMESpatial Channel Model Extended (wireless networking)
SCMESociety of Clinical & Medical Electrologists, Inc. (Malden, Massachusetts)
SCMESupply Chain Management Execution
SCMESouthern California Mortgage Exchange
SCMESelect Committee on Medical Ethics (UK)
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From SEECS, SADA, ASAB, SCME, and IESE the whole sample size which we took from each school gave a low score.
In terms of the engine power parameters, standard RME and new WCME and SCME biofuels are evaluated almost equally (see Fig.
The SCME agreement brings a heightened level of local representation to the brand and will provide a quicker turnaround for access to sales, information, parts, and service for all HOD bottlers.
SCME will be providing complete sales, spare parts, and service maintenance support for Midbrook Medical systems and CapSnap Equipment water bottling systems, said a company official.
The agreement with SCME, an arm of the Chinese Ministry of Education, helps further the training of much needed project managers and identifies colleges and universities for consideration of GAC accreditation.
Perkin Elmer Model Pyris Diamond TG/DTA (Thermo gravimetric/ Differential Thermal Analysis) instrument available at SCME, NUST has been used for the thermal analysis of various samples.
Lynch has over 20 years of wholesale lending experience and has overseen wholesale lending channels on the east coast for American Mortgage Network (AmNet), Wachovia, and SCME Mortgage Bankers.
12,244 $1,987,018,257 72 Union Federal Bank/Indianapolis 11,755 $1,973,926,702 73 Peoples Choice Home Loans 11,719 $1,953,598,954 74 SCME Mortgage Bankers 9,108 $1,905,025,816 75 E* TRADE Mortgage 7,510 $1,901,932,842 76 E-LOAN 13,561 $1,779,796,298 77 Homebanc Mortgage 11,092 $1,741,009,925 78 Branch Banking & Trust 17,020 $1,725,074,870 79 Citizens Bank/MA 11,979 $1,667,882,459 80 Pacific Republic Mortgage 9,361 $1,646,340,984 81 American Home Mortgage Accpt.
The Spatial Channel Modeling Toolsupports both the use of SCM and SCME channel models and is ideal for testing a range of applications including mobile devices and base stations.
23% $190,536 59 SCME Mortgage Bankers 4,729 $979,122,294 0.
Kabalin previously served as senior loan assurance auditor for San Diego-based SCME Mortgage Bankers, a national retail and wholesale organization, where she was responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and requirements, leveraging DataTrac's position as SCME's database of record to effectively execute her duties.
Most recently he was the Senior Vice President of Production at SCME Mortgage Bankers, and was previously with GMAC Mortgage as the Regional Vice President and GMAC's Home Services Mortgage Division as the Western Regional Manager.