SCMEStudent Coalition for Marriage Equality
SCMEStorageCraft Certified Master Engineer (Draper, UT)
SCMESchool of Construction Management and Engineering (UK)
SCMESpatial Channel Model Extended (wireless networking)
SCMESociety of Clinical & Medical Electrologists, Inc. (Malden, Massachusetts)
SCMESupply Chain Management Execution
SCMESouthern California Mortgage Exchange
SCMESelect Committee on Medical Ethics (UK)
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(1) Polymer Research Lab, Department of Materials Engineering, School of Chemical & Materials Engineering (SCME), National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
From SEECS, SADA, ASAB, SCME, and IESE the whole sample size which we took from each school gave a low score.
Mohammad Mujahid, Principal SCME, MUST for SEM/EDS analysis.
Similar problems as aforementioned about SCME channel model still exist in their 3D MIMO channel model.
For preliminary simulations, we used the open-source Winner II Spatial Channel Model Extended (SCME) [28] as the channel between PU and CR node.
The CNTs suspension spin-coated metal electrode (named SCME), the Ni electrode (named NE), and MCME are prepared as working electrodes.
In terms of CFPP, both WCME and SCME comply with requirements for standard LST EN 14214:2003 and can be used during warm seasons at temperatures higher than -5.5[degrees]C.
Telenity said that it provided Turkcell with Telco 2.0 enabled versions of Service Provider Gateway and Service Control and Management Environment (SCME) components.
Jaser has worked as a Wholesale Account Executive at leading lenders including American Mortgage Network, Wachovia, and SCME Mortgage Bankers.
Lynch has overseen wholesale lending channels on the East Coast for American Mortgage Network (AmNet), Wachovia and SCME Mortgage Bankers.
The authors are from School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME), NUST & National Centre for Physics (NCP)