SCMLSanta Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (Portugal)
SCMLScenario Markup Language
SCMLSupply Chain Modeling Language
SCMLSystemC Modeling Library
SCMLSupply Chain Manufacturing & Logistics (magazine)
SCMLSchottky-Contact Microstrip Line
SCMLSubreality Cafe Mailing List
SCMLSupplier Custom Module List
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The maximum vertical displacement caused by ATML, SMML, NTOL and SCML is 20, 12, 16 and 5 mm, respectively.
Table 1 lists the percentage of removed outliers for ATML, SMML, NTOL, and SCML induced time series.
Table 1 Percentage of removed outliers for ATML, SMML, NTOL, and SCML induced time series.
Khimji Ramdas' logistical support will help take the SCML story-telling drive to a larger audience across the different wilayats in Oman as it reinforces the importance of reading through interactive story-telling.
The SCML model was developed by a team of leadership educators and scholars employed in the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1996.
Though SCML from CBP of synthetic cryolite possesses complicated composition as shown in Table 1, [F.sup.-], [Cl.sup.-], [H.sup.+], and [Na.sup.+] are four main kinds of ions in it.
In addition, both the difficult controlling of technology and the expensive cost of waste outlet during the treatment process of SCML as acidic waste make corporations suffer from tremendous environmental protection pressure [5].
SCML was the byproduct acid from Do-fluoride Chemicals Co.
In order to confirm that Fe in bauxite can be abundantly dissolved out in acid leaching process, SCML and HCl mixed acid was proposed to leach bauxite.
Upon completion of this review, the data will form the basis for a new mineral resource estimate for inclusion in the bankable feasibility study that SCML is advancing with Wardrop Engineering.
Shortly, SCML will commence the release of drill results from the 57 drill holes completed in the XY West deposit This new drilling of XY West deposit includes a combination of definition drilling of previously reported mineral resources and exploration drilling along strike to the northwest, following the mineralization and favourable stratigraphy.
For arriving at its ratings, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of Cement Manufacturing Company Ltd (CMCL) with its subsidiaries Meghalaya Power Ltd (MPL), Megha Technical & Engineers Private Limited (MTEPL), and SCML. This is because all the companies, together referred to as the CMCL group, are under the same management and have inter-company transactions.