SCMMStandard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (Mumbai, India)
SCMMSo Call Me Maybe (song)
SCMMSequenom Center for Molecular Medicine (Grand Rapids, MI)
SCMMStanding Committee on Military Matters
SCMMSoCal MINI Maniacs (Los Angeles, CA)
SCMMSoftware Capability Maturity Model
SCMMSociete Commerciale des Metaux et Minerais
SCMMSoftware Configuration Management Manager
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I started with a dream run of the first SCMM. I have been running the 21 km SCMM half marathon for over 7 years now.
In March 1989, surgeons at our hospital began to routinely use the sternal head of a sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCMM) flap in closing pharyngeal defects following total laryngectomy.
HULK, Green face of SCMM is available online to help out runners with their Green Queries.
Hele Kebebush of Ethiopia became the winner in the foreign women's category of the SCMM.
Throughput Airflow Rate DCD PP Td = Ta ID Kg/hr SCMM * cm % Wt [degrees]C Prof-1 15 9.91 48.3 100 315 Prof-2 15 12.74 48.3 100 315 Prof-3 7.5 12.74 48.3 100 315 Prof-4 15 12.74 48.3 50 315 Prof-4.1 15 9.91 48.3 50 315 Prof-5 15 12.74 48.3 25 315 Prof-6 15 12.74 48.3 75 315 Prof-7 15 12.74 38.1 0 315 * Standard cubic meter per minute
Strengthening the SCMM also raises the issue of what sort of institution is envisioned either a General Staff type of institution or a Ministry of Defense.
Two approaches were used; a traditional scientific survey (Safety Survey) and a new approach entitled Safety Capability Maturity Modeling (SCMM).
(Nasdaq: SCMM; Neuer Markt: SMY), a provider of solutions that open the Digital World, and Logicon, a Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) company, recently announced they are working together to supply smart card readers to the U.S.
The limited cooperation among the three forces is conducted through the Standing Committee on Military Matters (SCMM).