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SCMOScottish Catholic Media Office (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
SCMOSociété Canadienne de Météorologie et d'Océanographie (French: Canadian Meteorological and Oceanography Society; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
SCMOSupply Chain Management Outsource (consulting firm)
SCMOSubsidiary Communication Multiplex Operation
SCMOSouthern California Marlin Online (est. 1996; fishing)
SCMOSummary Court-Martial Order
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In a statement issued by the SCMO, Cardinal O'Brien said: "I have valued the opportunity of serving the people of Scotland and overseas in various ways since becoming a priest.
BusinessObjects Application Foundation is the perfect framework to build and deliver our SCMO solutions.
10) The SCMO is responsible for collecting and safeguarding any medically evacuated Soldier's property found in places under Army jurisdiction or control.
The SCMO also will segregate mission-essential government items such as weapons, ammunition, government satellite cell phones, arms room keys, and night vision devices, along with other mission-critical or hazardous items.
The SCMO will note the item number, manufacturer, brand name, serial number, and model number, as well as the condition of the property, such as "damaged," "dented," "scratched," or "not operational".
Once the inventory is complete, the SCMO will safeguard the property until it is transferred with receipt to the closest MACP in Iraq or Afghanistan, most of which are operated at logistics bases.
While earlier guidance indicated that the SCMO must "ensure that the secured PE and OCIE is .