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SCMOScottish Catholic Media Office (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
SCMOSociété Canadienne de Météorologie et d'Océanographie (French: Canadian Meteorological and Oceanography Society; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
SCMOSupply Chain Management Outsource (consulting firm)
SCMOSubsidiary Communication Multiplex Operation
SCMOSouthern California Marlin Online (est. 1996; fishing)
SCMOSummary Court-Martial Order
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SCMO said that other observations such as the ineffective and poor procurement planning can be addressed by DOH and the receiving agencies in the future.
This could include coordinating for a SCMO, an AR 15-6 10, drafting appropriate appointment memorandums, sending out information and forms, and scheduling a time to conduct in-briefs for the appointed officers.
In a statement issued by the SCMO, Cardinal O'Brien said: "I have valued the opportunity of serving the people of Scotland and overseas in various ways since becoming a priest.
There were 1,410 physician executives listed either in the databases of the ACPE or the SCMO with the titles of chief medical officer (CMO) and/or vice president of medical affairs (VPMA) who worked in hospitals or health care system as of October 2000.
Gray dogwood thickets CORA -.07 12 NS +.35 8 NS -.99(*) 3 0.0881 +.01 12 NS -.27 14 NS -.21 6 NS Gray dogwood/grass meadows GRCO -.81(**) 9 0.0096 -.06 8 NS Rubus/little bluestem meadows RUSC +.86(***) 6 0.0289 -.29 11 NS Little bluestem meadows SCSC +.36 10 NS -.24 15 NS +.46 5 NS Mossy bluestem meadows SCMO +.28 7 NS Rocky hayscented fern meadows DEPU +.05 4 NS Loosestrife wet meadows LYSA +.32 8 NS
Analysis within individual community types indicated a significant relationship between neighborhood biomass and red maple seedling survival only for the little bluestem-dominated communities ([[Chi].sup.2] = 5.50, df = 1, P = 0.019 for SCSC, SCMO, and RUSC sites combined; n = 145 seedlings).
PESHAWAR -- Peshawar High Court (PHC) has decided to operationalize Small Claims and Minor Offences Courts (SCMOC) for early disposal of all those civil and criminal cases that fall within the category of Small Claim and Minor Offences (SCMO) with an aim to provide inexpensive and expeditious justice.
According to SCMO Ordinance 2002, these courts will be presided over by Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate and will be tasked for quick decisions of small claims where the value of the suit is less than Rs100,000.
Commanders are required to appoint a commissioned officer, warrant officer, or non-commissioned officer in the grade of E-6 or above as the Summary Court-Martial Officer (SCMO) upon notice that a Soldier has been hospitalized.
The SCMO also will segregate mission-essential government items such as weapons, ammunition, government satellite cell phones, arms room keys, and night vision devices, along with other mission-critical or hazardous items.
The SCMO will note the item number, manufacturer, brand name, serial number, and model number, as well as the condition of the property, such as "damaged," "dented," "scratched," or "not operational".