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SCMPSouth China Morning Post
SCMPSupply Chain Management Professional (certification; Canada)
SCMPSupply Chain Management Program (various organizations)
SCMPStrategic Communication Management Professional (International Association of Business Communications)
SCMPSoftware Configuration Management Plan
SCMPSalary Cost Management Protocol (Football League; UK)
SCMPSociety of Corporate Meeting Professionals
SCMPStream Control Message Protocol
SCMPSociety of Company Meeting Planners
SCMPSoft Condensed Matter Physics
SCMPSimple/Secure Commerce Messaging Protocol
SCMPService Center Mainframe Consolidation
SCMPSpin-Corrected Moeller-Plesset
SCMPSeismic Compliance Modernization Program (Santa Clara, CA)
SCMPSoil Characterization and Management Plan (Colorado)
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Since Meng's arrest, China sentenced two Canadians to death over drug smuggling charges, and has arrested another Canadian citizen in an incident reportedly unrelated to Kovrig and Spavor's detention, the SCMP report noted.
Noor Huda Ismail, a visiting fellow at Nanyang Technological University, told SCMP that while JI is similarly a defunct organisation in Singapore, its ideology still has supporters there.
"In the South China Sea, it can be used to either seize a reef or guard a reef, both offensive and defensive," Song told SCMP.
SCMP quoted a report by Yangtse Evening Post, stating that the explosion took place at the Chenjiagang Tianjiayi chemical plant, which produces pesticides.
In a photo taken by Southern District Council member Henry Chai Man-hon posted on the SCMP website, a female shopper was surprised to see Duterte walking around the store.
Carson But the SCMP says that on Monday they agreed with his lawyers Robert Lee SC and Peter Pannu - himself a former director of Blues - to a consent order for him to pay less than half of the demanded sum.
However, the author of the SCMP article pointed out that the Philippines 'has apparently succeeded in doing what most nations in the region must do -maintain its relations with both Beijing and Washington to its own benefit, but without angering either.'
The observation stations were built on Kagitingan, Subi and Panganiban Reefs, which were all being claimed by the Philippines, according to SCMP.
(NASDAQ: SCMP), including its commercial and development assets, for USD 1.2bn, the company said.
The South China Morning Post (SCMP) adds that the man was found sitting in a suite on the 109th floor in a semi-conscious state.