SCMRCSupply Chain Management Research Center (University of Arkansas)
SCMRCSpiral Compact Microstrip Resonant Cell
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However, both CMRC and SCMRC with slow-wave and wide band-stop characteristics still cannot meet the requirement of some low-filter applications that demand highly wide out of band rejection and compact structure, which indicates that the inductance and the capacitance of the line should be further improved without any distinct performance deterioration.
Firstly, the circuit structures of the SCMRC and the DSCMRC are analyzed in Section 2, and the performance of them are measured, compared and discussed with their corresponding scattering parameters.
SCMRC has been introduced in [15] as an improved derivative of the original CMRC structure and it turns out to be with more compact size and better out-of-band performance due to the increase of the line series inductance and shunt capacitance compared to the original CMRC.
In this paper, a novel double-folded SCMRC (DSCMRC) is presented, which proves to be more compact and have better stopband performance than CMRC and SCMRC.