SCMTServer Consolidation and Migration Toolkit (Novell data migration tool)
SCMTSuperChip Micro Tuner
SCMTShip Control Maintenance
SCMTSubcontract Management Team
SCMTSecondary Crisis Management Team
SCMTSupply Chain Management Tool
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Availability simply means the accessible sources of products for which SCMT did not state any sub-criteria.
The sub-criteria that have been stated by SCMT are: Quality assessment by which quality will be improved and maintained; technical capability which means the ability to control field related skills (Chan & Chan, 2010); business improvement which ensures future developments in accordance with changing customer needs; management approach which includes strategic management and applying new methods.
These comparisons were performed in a meeting with SCMT.
As an example, the pairwise comparison matrix which includes judgments of SCMT regarding main criteria is given below in Table 3.
According to the evaluation of main criteria, SCMT approved the validity of the importance order.
In this step, all results with their interpretations have been presented to SCMT in a meeting.
A Windows-based application, SCMT utilizes the capabilities of Spirent Communications' SmartMetrics technology to measure throughput, latency, variation, and out-of-sequence frames, providing a comprehensive assessment of the performance of various cable modem systems.
Works of construction of the plants of SCMT and modification of the signaling systems on trafficking-Bitonto Ruvo railway line Bari-Barletta.
Development of executive design of the ACC and SCMT and all complementary works and secondary and subsequent reconfigurations in dependence of the new PRG station Lamezia TC, according to the requirements of the Technical Specification for the supply and installation of the ACC and its documents supplements thereto, as well as the Note RFI-DTC-DIT A0011 P 2013 0000399 of 02/18/2013 regarding interfacing cabin yard for plants ACC / ACC-M .
Executive planning and execution of the work for the realization of the Apparatus Central Calculator (ACC) of the new IMC Turin sorting Trenitalia SpA, full of Telecommunications installations and SCMT.
Final design and execution of works to upgrade the technology on the Naples-Villa Literno (via Aversa) Formia-Naples line consisting of the creation of new ACC and PPT with its complementary interventions related, such as SCMT systems Telecommunications, LFM, mechanical equipment, armament, TE and the construction of new buildings and the technological renovation of the existing buildings in the way (CIG: 527189595F - CUP: J67I10000020001).