SCMVSeltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek (law firm; San Diego, CA)
SCMVSugarcane Mosaic Virus
SCMVSanta Cruz Mountain Vineyard (California)
SCMVSpring Creek Mountain Village (Canada)
SCMVSimian Cyto-Megalovirus
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To investigate whether trimmed sequences were similar to SCMV CP sequences, they were analyzed initially through BLAST software (http:// www.
All the symptomatic leaves samples of present study were positive for CP gene of SCMV.
In pairwise nucleotide sequence identity (in percentage) to compare the isolates of present study with the sequences available in the databases shared a maximum identity between 85-100% to SCMV (Table 1) and nucleotide sequence identity between the isolates of SCMV in the current study is mentioned in the Table 2.
This indicates that in vitro regenerated plants are SCMV free.
Sugarcane mosaic virus belongs to the viral family Potyviridea and recently classified in the SCMV subgroup based on coat protein region and genomic region (Shukla et al.
SCMV has genetic storage material as single stranded positive sense RNA and it is rod shaped virus.
Secuencias de la proteina de la cubierta de SCMV y alineamiento
Las secuencias de la CP de SCMV se buscaron en la base publica de secuencias conocida como GenBank.
El alineamiento inicial de los aminoacidos deducidos de las secuencias completas de la proteina de la cubierta de SCMV permitio identificar secuencias reportadas en Brasil, EE.
2003) evaluated transgenic soybean lines for field resistance to white mold, but to our knowledge there are no published reports of field resistance to SCMV in transgenic sugarcane.
Evaluations need to be performed separately for each transgenic line derived from different sugarcane cultivars, and across several ratoon crops, to determine the level and stability of SCMV resistance.
Abbreviations: Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis; pat, phosphinothricin acetyltransferase; PPT, phosphinothricin; SASEX, South African Sugar Association Experiment Station; SCMV, Sugarcane mosaic virus; WCT, weed control treatment; ZAR, South African Rand.